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Then I guess you getting involved with a clapped out old agent who's been living off past glories was your first mistake. You're my boy now, amigo. My career depends on this, and that's very important to me. So seeing as we're all boys now, that makes it important to you.
~ Steve Haines' most famous quote.

Steven "Steve" Haines (1975-2013) is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Devin Weston) of the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V.

He is a highly decorated yet infamously corrupt federal agent of the FIB who serves as the superior of fellow agents Dave Norton and Andreas Sanchez.

Specifically, Haines served as one of the main antagonists of Trevor Philips' storyline and the secondary antagonist of Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton's storylines.

He was voiced by Robert Bogue.



Steve Haines was born in 1975 and joined the FIB while being 18, in 1993. In the following years, he became a highly decorated and high-ranked FIB special agent and was given leadership of his own FIB special unit and became the boss of several well-known FIB special agents, including Andreas Sanchez and Dave Norton. In 2008, Haines became the host of a new criminal reality TV show called The Underbelly of Paradise. As host of the show, Haines regularly makes reports on gang activity and the overall criminal underworld of Los Santos which is divided between rival criminal gangs. Haines would later become a celebrity, thanks to the success of the program.

However, despite the decorations from the Bureau, leading his own unit and becoming famous as the host of a show, by 2013, Haines and Sanchez were infamously corrupt. Haines, in particular, was known to be on the payroll of several wealthy and powerful people, including eccentric billionaire Devin Weston, whom Haines considers a "close friend", although later events show that they aren't that friendly.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Haines proceeds to use Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips for numerous jobs in an attempt to further his career and position of power, all unbeknownst to and unsanctioned by his agency. One mission he recruits the gang for includes having Trevor brutally torture a seemingly innocent man just for the sake of doing so, as the man was willing to divulge information about Haines' target from the start of the interrogation, before ordering Trevor to murder the man simply for "outliving his usefulness" (Trevor however does not carry out the order, unbeknownst to Haines).

After Haines uses Michael and his gang several times in exploits against his rivals in the I.A.A., suspicion is cast on him by the I.A.A., as well as his own agency. Later he and Norton was later contact by Franklin informing them to get to Trevor's lab at Sandy Shores and he and Michael can't go to Los Santos due to them being banned from entering there by Martin Madrazo, (until Lester Crest lift it in exchange to return his wife Patricia whom he mistreated which was the reason of the ban) and they give them instructions for the Paleto heist so they can infiltrate the Humanes Lab and Research to steal a chemical. As a result of the pressure and investigation into him, he attempts to get rid of loose ends by betraying Michael and have him arrested in a sting operation. However, the sting was actually a trap for Haines himself, and after a tense standoff, a shootout ensues between several different agency and mercenary groups there for either Haines or Michael. Haines is wounded but manages to escape the chaos only after murdering his partner Sanchez, who seemingly informed on him to his superiors because of Haines' illegal activities.

Haines later resurfaces after the investigation into him goes away due to a lack of evidence and witnesses. He approaches Michael and Trevor's partner, Franklin, ordering him to murder Trevor out of fear that the crime lord's actions would bring further heat and attention to Haines, as Dave Norton was able to convince him that Michael could at least be controlled and kept quiet. However, Weston arrives to Franklin's home and orders him to kill Michael instead, viewing Michael's refusal to cooperate with him as a threat to his businesses. Franklin is then forced by the two villains to make a life and death decision between his two friends or fighting the odds and going after Haines and Weston.


In the end, if Franklin decides to go against Haines and Weston, he calls Michael and Trevor who then set a trap for both Haines and Weston's men who are all killed by the trio or by each other in a massive shootout. The three men then decide to act against their foes quickly to catch them off guard while they think they have won. The three of them then have a loose ends list comprising of Haines, Weston, Triad leader Wei Cheng, and Families OG-turned-Ballas member Harold "Stretch" Joseph. Trevor decides to track down and kill Haines because of his extreme distaste for him and the things he has had him do under his orders. With the help of the crew's operation planner and expert hacker, Lester Crest, Trevor is able to track Haines down to an amusement park on the park's Ferris wheel, where he is in the process of filming an episode for his television show. Trevor keeps his distance so as not to alert his target, unloads his sniper rifle, and shoots Haines directly in the head in front of his own cameraman, killing the corrupt agent instantly.

Trevor can also use an RPG by shooting it at where Haines and his cameraman are sitting, violently killing them both in the resulting explosion.

Alternatively, if the player, as Franklin, decides to kill either Michael or Trevor, his final fate is not shown and it is assumed he survives the events of the game. If the player chooses to kill Trevor, Franklin calls Haines and informs him that he has done as requested. Franklin also asks Haines to persuade Weston not to go after him for sparing Michael. Haines tells Franklin that he will handle Weston, who is in a precarious position because Merryweather has lost its license to operate in the country, but also tells him never to contact him again. If Franklin kills Michael instead, Weston will speak with Haines' superiors and get him to back off.

It is confirmed that Option C is the canon choice, meaning that Haines's death is canon.


~ A gangster showing his hatred for Haines.

As stated above, Haines is a corrupt FIB agent, who does not hesitate when it comes to breaking the law and Bureau procedure and policy if there is an opportunity to further advance his career. Haines first appears to be pleasant and charming on his TV show, but when Michael meets him in person, he is shown to be selfish, callous, arrogant, and overconfident in dialogue, thinking solely about his career and going as far as curiously asking Michael if he has ever heard of him or his show and sounding highly displeased at the end when Michael makes it clear he does not care who Haines is. His true colors are shown, however, when Michael begins to jokingly mock Haines and his partners over their rogue activities. Haines plays along and even compliments Michael on his quick wit at first; however, his temperament quickly changes when he grabs Michael by the throat and threatens to strangle him to death if he continues to disrespect him, thus showing that Haines is, in reality, an intimidating and egotistical sociopath who has little respect or tolerance for others, only looking to achieve his own goals and whose entire motivation revolves around how he can better his career and image. He has a sadistic sense of humor and easily loses his temper - almost choking Michael to death for making a few wisecracking jokes at his expense, which also extends to his own attempts at wisecracks. However, due to his snide and arrogant personality, most of them fall flat. Despite these traits, Dave Norton tries to assure Michael that they are not that different and that Haines and Dave are less corrupt than some divisions in the FIB, but over time it is shown that even Dave has so much control over Haines, like the rest of the protagonists.

Haines is shown to be despised by almost everyone he comes into contact with (most noticeably by Michael and Trevor, who both share a deep hatred towards Haines). Despite this, he claims a personal friendship with Devin Weston (it is implied that it was Weston's influence that brought Haines to his current position in the FIB), although Weston himself treats him as a "clown", and Haines himself can threaten Weston if he needs to, as proven in Ending A.

Haines has no qualms with torturing and/or killing suspects or people he sees as standing in the way of his career. This is shown when he has Trevor Phillips brutally torture a seemingly innocent man for information on another possible terror suspect, before casually ordering Trevor to murder the man when he is of no further use to Haines. Also, the man was more than willing to reveal the information to Haines, who preferred to torture the man first and after finishing with the torture session, Haines happily left to play racquetball. This implies that Haines is a sadist and truly enjoys the suffering of others.

I do not get things wrong.
~ Haines showing how egotistical he is.

Haines is an opportunistic person who uses Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips to do his dirty work and ends up betraying them when not having any further use of them, and is also willing to sacrifice others to save his own skin, which is evident when he attempts to have Dave Norton and Michael arrested to deflect blame for all the criminal activities they participated in. Haines claims several times that he is a patriot and would do anything for his country, but when planning to raid the IAA compound and steal an experimental neurotoxin that was going to be released by the IAA in a metropolitan area in order to receive funds from the government, Haines is shown not willing to get his hands dirty and preferring to stay behind and leaving the protagonists to do the job themselves, implying Haines' spineless nature and confirming it in The Third Way; when Trevor shoots the cameraman and runs over to Haines, the crooked agent will be in a crouching position with his hands over his head.

In the end, Steve Haines is a cowardly and irredeemable official who will betray and threaten everyone if he needs to.

Crimes committed by Steve Haines

  • Ordering Michael De Santa, along with Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, to break into the IAA building and kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov, causing the deaths of several IAA agents.
  • Ordering Trevor Phillips to torture Ferdinand Kerimov.
  • Ordering Michael De Santa to assassinate Tahir Javen.
  • Ordering Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips to rob an IAA security truck, causing the deaths of several LSPD and NOOSE officers.
  • Ordering Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips to rob the Blaine County Savings Bank for a helicopter.
  • Breaking into Humane Labs and Research to steal a nerve toxin and killing several guards and military officers on the way.
  • Ordering Michael De Santa to break into the FIB headquarters to delete the files, to avoid being arrested and discharged.
  • The murder of Andreas Sanchez.
  • Ordering Franklin Clinton to kill Trevor Phillips.





Brilliant. Steve Haines, amigo, but you probably knew that already.
~ Haines meeting Michael.
Co-o-old! I love it! I-I gotta remember to write that down... And to shoot you in the head, you annoying d*ck.
~ Haines after Michael tells him his name tag must have fallen off.
Andreas? Taking notes? This stuff, whoa, pure magic! They should put it in my show. Have you seen my show?
~ Haines asking Andreas to write down Michael's roasts and asking Michael if he heard of his show.
Why don't you keep your voice down before I close your f***ing windpipe? The jokes stop now, pal. You will show me and my team some res-PECT.
~ Haines becoming serious.
Then why don't you start with me, GENIUS?
~ Haines choking Michael.
We have received intel that they're keeping Mr. K at the local Agency station. The Agency is stepping up their questioning because of your moronic antics down at the coroner's office. We need to get him out of there before he blabs.
~ Haines explaining the plan.
Now run along, kids.
~ Steve telling Michael and Dave to go.
Hey, Devin Weston... is a very good friend of mine, so why don't you watch your tongue? 'Cause let me tell you something, that guy gets more tall than a... than a tail catcher!
~ Haines about Devin Weston, and his horrible pun.
You know about the Azerbaijanis. (Mr. K: Huh?) Azerbaijanis!
~ Haines to Mr. K before torturing him.
You're a fu***ng spy!
~ Haines wrongly assuming Mr. K for a spy.
And the a**wipes at the Agency know this... (Mr. K: No.) so I need to know... what did you tell them, and what did they tell you?
~ Haines explaining his motives for torturing Mr. K.
We're gonna make him speak. You two are gonna drive up to Rockford Hills, and when we find out which man is the man with the problem you put him down, 'cause I'm tired of those fu***ing nitwips at the Agency taking all the glory.
~ Haines to Michael and Dave.
You get to work, and I, uh... I'm not here!
~ Haines to Trevor.
Mr. Philips. Ask him about Tavir Javan.
~ Haines to Trevor after he tortured Mr. K for the first time.
Well that wasn't so tough, was it? Huh? Did you get that? Did you hear him? He lives in Chumash. The Western Highway.
~ Haines to Mr. K after he revealed Tahir's location, and then turning to Dave.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Now you're ready to talk?
~ Haines after Trevor tortured Mr. K for the second time.
BZZZT! Sorry, too late! Trevor, show our contestant what he's won today!
~ Steve asking Trevor to torture Mr. K for the third time.
So, what have you got for us?
~ Haines after Mr. K was tortured for the third time.
You know, I'm thinking maybe we ought to just take two bullets and put him in our informant and just call an air-strike on Chumash Beach.
~ Haines showing his option if Mr. K doesn't tell enough.
Mr. K? Mr. K? Shh. It's okay.
~ Haines obviously lying.
WOO! That is a wrap, my friends, excellent work for the pair of you. Now, I've got a racquetball game to get to, so, Trevor, if you take care of Mr. K I think we're all set.
~ Haines is out after finishing the torture on Mr. K.
I would say he's outlived his usefulness.
~ Haines ordering Trevor to kill Mr. K.
That's a sport.
~ Haines after Trevor told Mr. K to shut up.
Oh absolutely... yeah, yeah. You killed people, you tortured people, committed a litany of other crimes... Oh we're so straight you and me, we're arrows.
~ Haines mentioning Michael's crimes.
Hello? Whoa, ladies, ladies, what's up?
~ Steve interrupting Michael's and Trevor's argument.
It's about terrorism. The big one. Nerve gas. Biological terror.
~ Steve explaining what Dave was talking about.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, we gotta go. It's been great, but Dave here has a Pilates class. Now remember, ladies, you keep us way out of this thing. Bye-bye.
~ Haines and Dave leaving.
Hey! Where's the other three? (Michael: What other free?) We told you to bring along six! This is a six man job! (Michael: No, you didn't.) Dave did. (Michael: No, Dave didn't.) (Dave: You said you'd do it.) That is a frickin' lie! I do not get things wrong.
~ Steve surprised by the fact that Michael, Franklin and Trevor didn't bring six other people.
You three can do it alone.
~ Steve telling the trio of protagonists that they can do the job alone.
Hey, I do my dirty work every day! Keepin' my country safe from scum like you!
~ Steve telling Michael he's doing his work.
This is the real deal. My sources are convinced there's a plot in International Affairs, y'know 'The Agency', and they're using this facility to make a serious nerve toxin...Yeah. Which they plan, in their mind blowing insanity, to let a major terrorist release on a metropolitan area, so they can continue to get funding. Nothing increases funding for terrorism more than successful acts of terrorism!
~ Haines explaining the Agency's plan.
This is a cooling tunnel. Of course it's getting warmer. No one urinated.
~ Haines after Dave pointed out the water's getting warmer and Michael joking about it.
FIB! SPECIAL AGENT! I got this covered! (United Liberty Paper Contact: Detain this man!) F**k you! I should detain you! I just took a bullet for my country!
~ Steve shooting himself in the leg to take the easy way out.
Yeah, and if you don't, we're all gonna fry. Because the Agency's onto us.
~ Steve Haines to Lester Crest.
I've even got some fools in the Bureau that are questioning my methods. They think I'm... a liar... a cheater... some kind of killer and a thief!
~ Haines explaining that he isn't safe.
Michael. You'd be doing me a very big favor. And if you do this, I'll make sure that all your files are deleted. I promise you.
~ Haines after asking Michael to delete his files.
That's right, Davey boy! You could say that! (Dave: Steve, I told you I would handle this!) Oh, 'cause you handle everything so we'll so far, haven't you?!
~ Steve after Dave told Michael that there's a problem.
Un-FU***ING-ORTHODOX?! You ruined my career! Agent Sanchez, arrest these men, both of them.
~ Haines' breakdown before telling Sanchez to arrest Michael and Dave.
For multiple counts of every fu***ng crime under the fu***ng Sun.
~ Steve telling Michael why's arresting him.
Why? Because... (Michael and Steve pull out their guns) (Michael: 'Cause you don't want me to testify in court! About our various business dealings, right?) (Sanchez pulls out his gun) AGENT SANCHEZ, APPREHEND THE SUSPECTS! (Dave pulls out his gun) (Dave: Agent Sanchez, you'll do no such thing, now Steve, we agreed to speak to Michael! To try and explain things to him! Not this! This causes problems to us all!)
~ Steve, Michael, Sanchez and Dave during a Mexican Standoff.
Okay, okay! Put your gun down and we'll talk! (Michael: After you, buddy.) Come on, where's the trust? (Michael: You can do better than that)
~ Haines trying to trick Michael and Dave into putting their guns down.
They know or think they know that I was the one behind the incident.
~ Haines mentioning why the Agency or the FIB is after him.
Who the f**k are you with?! (Sanchez: With me!) (points gun at Sanchez) You fu***ing rat, I knew you didn't have the balls for this!
~ Steve learning that Sanchez is working with a rival FIB team.
For the record: I'm a patriot! I love my country!
~ Steve's obvious lies.
(FIB Agent: Who the f**k are they?!) Fu***ing Merryweather! What are they doing here?!
~ Steve answering an FIB agent's question as Merryweather arrives, only to be confused himself.
AH! Same Goddamn leg! (kills Sanchez and runs away)
~ Steve after getting shot by an FIB agent and killing Sanchez.
Wassup, playa?
~ Steve seeing Franklin.
Hey, we ain't done yet, homie! Not yet (Dave: Nearly.) (Franklin: Man, what the f**k y'all want me to do?! Kill the president? F**k his wife or somethin'? Or invade some fu**n' country?) No, no, something more sensible. (Dave: Something that's gotta be done.) Hey, when the timing's right, you're gonna take old Trevor out and put him out to pasture, homie! (Dave: See, Michael will be sensible, but Trevor... Trevor won't be.) Trevor is a liability that none of us can afford. (Franklin: Man, Trevor saved you. He saved both y'all a**es.) (Dave: And that's unfortunate.) Hey, when we give you the word... you're gonna do this thing. (Franklin: Hey, get Michael to do it! Me and Trevor cool, dog!) (Dave: Michael can't do it. Trevor won't let him near.) That's why it's up to you, homie.
~ Steve and Dave telling Franklin to kill Trevor.
Los Santos. A city of saints, a city of sinners. and nothing in between but the FIB... Cut! God, this is crap, who writes this bulls**t anyway? Okay, alright? You got this framed right? (Camera Man: Yeah, you're looking great) The chin? How's the chin? (Camera Man: Sharp.) Alright, the audio's clean? (Camera Man: Nice, well say something.) Uh, check check check. (Camera Man: Yeah, it's great.) Okay, fine, we're on, I'm ready. You ready? (Camera Man: Speed.) Alright, let's do this people. I'm a professional, let's go! (practicing) Hi, I'm Steve Haines. Hi, I'm... (stops practicing) This, is Los Santos. A city of celluloid, a city of scumbags. The last great American melting pot. Two parts deluded fantasy, one part degenerate reality. Mix, and this... is the result. Throw in a senior FIB agent and you've got an unique look of what's really going on under the hood. This, is a land of dreams. But sometimes these dreams turn into nightmares and... STOP! CUT! (Camera Man: Cut.) Oh, God, that's a cliche, man. Dreams... that's a cliché. What? No, I know it's really good, just do a cutaway. Nah, I'll pick it up. Nah, I'll pick it up. I got something good. (Camera Man: Ready? We're rolling.) (practicing) I'm Steve Haines, I'm Steve Haines... (stop practicing) Throw in a senior FIB agent and you've got an unique look at what happens dreams and reality... collide. Hi, I'm Steve Haines. I've tracked down killers, attacked incompetence and taken down terrorist cells, and tonight... I'm in your living room. Boom! Got it. That was strong. That was really strong. Cool. Let's do it. Let's go home. Woo! Where's that girl? Where's that hot little girl with the clipboard? I just saw her down there somewhere. What? Hold o... I don't care that she's an intern. Now, just get this thing goin', alright? I wanna get out of here. Boom! Vinewood...
~ Steve Haines' last words as he films his show. They can be cut off anytime the player wants, they just need to shoot Haines.



  • He was voiced by Robert Bogue, whom he resembles. Robert Bogue also voiced Troy in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as Red Harlow in Red Dead Revolver.
  • Similarly to Michael De Santa, his family, Lester Crest and Dave Norton, Haines is likely from the Midwestern United States and lived there prior to moving to Los Santos, San Andreas. In real life, California (which San Andreas is based on), as well as Florida, are common hotspots for people from the Midwest as well as Northeast and Canada.
  • Haines is similar to Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption antagonist Edgar Ross and Alonzo Harris from Training Day. They are corrupt federal agents that blackmail the protagonists into doing their dirty work, and eventually betray the protagonist by setting them up to be killed. Unlike in Redemption, Haines' plot to have the protagonist he betrayed murdered can fail or succeed based on the player's choices.
  • Haines has been shot twice in the leg; first at the IAA compound when he shoots himself in the leg and second at the Kortz Center when he is shot in the leg by an FIB operative.
  • Haines along with Andreas Sanchez, Molly Schultz, Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski, Dave Norton and Sergeant Jerry Martinez are the only antagonists who are corrupt law enforcement officials. Haines and Sanchez are corrupt FIB agents, Tenpenny and Pulaski are corrupt police officers, Schultz is a corrupt lawyer and Martinez is a corrupt soldier.

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