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Steve Harland is a fictional character and major antagonist of the long-running ITV British soap opera Emmerdale. He first appeared as a supporting character in 2012 before becoming a supporting antagonist in 2013. Overtime, Harland proved himself to be an arrogant and greedy opportunist who often antagonized the village due to his shady dealings and extreme narcissism.

He was portrayed by Tom Mannion.


After arriving in December 2012, Steve Harland began to form a potential relationship with Bernice Blackstock. He also made friends with Bernice's sister Nicola King and her husband Jimmy King.

When the local pub's landlady Chas Dingle was been terrorized by Thomas King as revenge for the death of his father Carl King a year ago, Harland confronted Thomas over his actions and became applauded when local hardman and Chas' brother Cain Dingle stood up for Thomas. At this time around, Harland became too nosy and stuffed in other people's businesses.

Later, he got involved in a business partnership with the village's landlord Declan Macey. They were discussing their business over obtaining a land in the woods, which was soon overheard by Chas' boyfriend Cameron Murray to the point where he grew concerned about their plans. This was the fact that neither Harland or Declan were aware that Cameron had committed a murder and hid the body in the same woods that Declan is planning to take.

Harland soon rallied up the villagers against Declan when the latter started putting all homes on sale due to his business falling apart ever since he claimed his land. Harland plotted to take Declan's business from him, which he refused much to the happiness for both his sister Megan Macey and her son Robbie Macey. When the revelation of a victim was identified as the deceased Alex Moss in Declan's land, Harland impulsively claimed that Declan killed him - although both were fully unaware that Alex was the same victim who Cameron Murray killed and buried.

It eventually transpired that Harland is secretly unfaithful nor truly romantic towards Bernice. He previously had an affair prior to arriving in Emmerdale and having a relationship with Bernice. Furthermore, Harland cheats on Bernice with Nicola and threatens her into keeping their affair secret. But in the end Nicola told Bernice and Jimmy about their affair, much to their distraught. Bernice dumped Harland and teamed up with Nicola to get revenge on him. Afterwards, Harland found himself shunned by the entire village due to his actions. He responds by insulting them one by one and prepares to leave for good, but Jimmy retaliates by damaging his car. He then hands Harland a check and punches him for insulting Nicola. A beaten and humiliated Harland subsequently left the village and was never ever heard from anyone again.



  • He made a total of 86 appearances throughout his time on the show.