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I'll be in my dressing room, making an intern cry and saying bad shit about women.
~ Gerald Fitzgerald impersonating Steve Harvey.

Broderick Stephen Harvey, better known as Steve Harvey", is a minor antagonist inParadise P.D., only appearing in the episode "How the Cookie Crumbles". He is a depiction of the famous stand-up comedian and iconic host of Family Feud and is portrayed as a psychologically abusive, misogynistic fiend. He is also a member of the International Society of Insulted Selebrities.

He was voiced by Cedric Yarbrough.


In "How the Cookie Crumbles", Gerald Fitzgerald pretended to be Steve Harvey and hosted a faux Family Feud game to avoid getting caught by the mutants. Fitz did a good job at impersonating Steve Harvey, acting like a disgruntled jerk, who really didn't want to be doing his own job as well as saying that he's going to make an intern cry and say bad things about women, with even Dusty Marlow had to admit that Fitz was doing a good job at impersonating him. The mutants believed his disguise until the real Steve Harvey showed up to call him out. Steve Harvey said that he saw that someone bought a disguise of him on the internet and knew exactly what was going on, and Tt prove who the real Steve Harvey was, he and Fitz got into a "joke off". All Fitz did was tell one bad joke, and this was enough to convince Steve Harvey that it was himself who was the impostor. Steve Harvey freaked out and wondered that if Fitz was the real Steve Harvey before having a panic attack and then faded into oblivion, yelling that there can only be one.

In "PARAD-ISIS", Steve Harvey was one of the members of the International Society of Insulted Selebrities. He held everybody in the wedding chapel hostage and planned on blowing up the place, killing everybody as revenge for them making fun of him in "How the Cookie Crumbles".


  • Steve Harvey being portrayed as a misogynic abuser is a reference to a several unfounded allegations against him:
    • "Making an intern cry" is a reference to a leaked email, where he demanded that all of his co-workers stay out of his dressing room, lest they be "removed". Many have criticized him for being too strict in his email and enforcing too severe of a punishment for people breaking his rules.
    • "Saying bad shit about women" is a reference to a standup act in 1993, where he told jokes about white women some may find offensive.


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