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What's happening in me flipping pub!?
~ Steve McDonald as he returns from his holiday to find The Rovers Return Inn overwhelmed by a mass brawl involving his friends and fellow punters.

Steve McDonald is a major character in Coronation Street. While currently a comedic and likable character, he was formerly a troublemaker in the 90's, and is still capable of selfishness from time to time.


Early years

Steve arrived on the street at the age of fifteen with his twin brother Andy, Mother Liz, and father Jim. The twins immediately caused trouble for Alf Robberts and smashed the window of his corner shop twice. The lads had no respect for Jim as he was in the army and couldn't be there for them when they were growing up but both loved their mother.

In 1991, Steve sold some stolen car radios and was arrested. Steve refused to give up his associates to the cops but Andy did give some names and was beaten up. The stress caused a pregnant Liz to give birth to her and Jim's premature daughter Katie who only lived a day. Steve was guilt-ridden and turned in the remaining accomplices to the police. This had a terrible affect on Steve's relationship With his father as Jim blamed his son for his daughter's death.

Steve began working for Mike Baldwin at MVB print. He sat his driving test the following month but failed due to a speeding offence. In order to keep his job Steve lied to Mike and Kevin Webster that he had passed. This was exposed as a lie when he was hit on a carriageway while driving Mike's jaguar. Steve was absolved of blame because the other driver was drunk but because he could not produce a license he gave his name as Kevin Webster to the police. When Mike learnt Steve couldn't drive he sacked him. Mike learned he could not claim insurance and Kevin agreed to produce his licence if Steve was reinstated to which Mike reluctantly agreed.

Steve continued with his greedy streak and became in debt to loan sharks because of gambling. In order to escape his financial problem Steve began a relationship With Vicky Arden who had inherited some money from her parents and married her the same year. Steve got in trouble for purchasing stolen whisky and tried to pin the crime on Vicky but this led to her testifying against him and he was sentenced to two years in prison. He then divorced Vicky.

Steve was released in 1997 and was given a job at the builders yard by Jim. During an argument and scuffle on scaffolding Jim fell and was paralyzed for a time and Steve tried to conceal his own involvement(though it was an accident). Eventually Jim remembered but he and Steve were able to reconcile.

Problems with Jez Quigley and Tracy Barlow

Steve borrowed some money from local gangster Jez Quigley and when he couldn't pay it back he was blackmailed into helping Jez deliver drugs. Jez threatened Steve by saying he'd do what he did to Steve what he did to Tony Horrocks so Steve reported Jez to the police. Jez had Steve beaten and he barely survived.

Jim went round to Jez's flat and beat him to death. Jim was guilt-ridden and turned himself in. Steve began a relationship With Karen Phillips but they broke up when Steve thought she was having an affair. They reconciled but not before Steve had a one night- stand with Tracy Barlow. Tracy revealed to Steve he was the father of her baby but he had no interest in his daughter. However after the parentage became public Steve slowly warmed to his daughter Amy though Karen was resentful of her.

Karen discovered she was pregnant But miscarried the following month. In her grief Karen stole Tracy's car with Amy in the back and burned it. It turned out Amy was fine but Steve couldn't forgive Karen and ended things with her.

Steve later began a relationship With Tracy but only to guarantee his parental rights to Amy. When Tracy realized what Steve was up to she tried to stop him being allowed to see his daughter but he was given Parental rights when the matter was taken to court.

Relationship with Michelle

Later, Steve began a relationship With Michelle Connor. Steve cheated on her with Becky Granger. Steve's friend Lloyd gave Steve an alibi to where he was by claiming he was planning to propose to her forcing Steve to propose to Michelle but she became angry when she learned the proposal was fake. Steve tried to save the relationship by saying he spent the night on a woman's couch but they didn't sleep together. Michelle threw Steve out of his home but they got back together when Steve gave her an ultimatum "we get back together or you move out".

Steve later got with Becky and they soon decided to marry. Becky's sister Kylie gave them a bad a adoption reference but then offered to sell her son Max Turner to them. When Tracy was released from prison she found out about the arrangement and blackmailed the couple until Steve told Social Services about the arrangement anonymously to get rid of Tracy's leverage on him.

Tracy forced Steve to give her a job at the rovers by threatening to run away with Amy if he didn't. Steve agreed on exchange for a custody settlement then immediately fired Tracy. Steve had another one-night stand with Tracy but refused to begin a relationship despite Tracy's desire to do so, even after learning she was pregnant But changes his mind. Tracy manipulated Steve into thinking Becky was to blame for her miscarriage to guilt Steve into marrying her but at the wedding the truth was exposed by Becky and Kylie so Steve finished things with Tracy.

Steve got back together with Michelle and bought the rovers as a gift for her which initially displeased her but she warmed to the idea There were problems when Steve discovered Peter Barlow was having an affair with Tina McInTyre despite being in a relationship With Michelle's friend Carla. Steve didn't tell anyone because Peter was his friend. When Michelle learned of this She dumped him and he was diagnosed with depression around the same time but Steve and Michelle would make up but broke up for good when Michelle discovered Steve was the father of Leanne Battersby's son Oliver. Leanne's boyfriend Nick Tilsley tried unsuccessfully to keep Steve out of Oliver's life but Steve still helped Peter save Nick from drowning in quicksand. Steve's antagonist relationship with Michelle calmed down when he and Leanne saved her being stalked by her ex Will Chatteron.

When Amy becomes pregnant Steve became paranoid her friend Aadi Alahan is the father and threatened him with a spade. Steve and Tracy( who have reunited by this point) try to be supportive by offering to raise the baby as their own and pass it of as Amy's brother to save their daughter's reputation but she ends up having an abortion anyway.