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Steven "Steve" Jonah Williams is one of the main characters in Brickleberry. He is a park ranger at Brickleberry National Park with a history of doing some morally reprehensible things. His most notable acts of villainy are constant animal abuse, several rape attempts against Ethel Anderson, and the historical instance of him killing his father.

He was voiced by David Herman.


Steve Williams is a dimwitted and incompetent man who works as a park ranger at Brickleberry National Park. He is very determined to be a good park ranger but he always screws up everything he does horribly.

Although most of Steve's destructive and criminal acts are mostly just done on account of his clumsiness and stupidity, (i.e. killing Malloy's parents), there have been more than enough times when Steve has willfully done something morally reprehensible with no excuse to make him qualify as a villain.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Welcome to Brickleberry", Steve was jealous that Ethel was being a better park ranger than he was so he spiked her drink with alcohol to make her go on a drunken rampage and lose her job.
  • In "Two Weeks Notice", the depths of Steve's selfishness and narcissism were explored, when he showed absolutely no common courtesy for anyone else. When Steve thought he was going to die, for once, he started doing nice things only for his faith to be destroyed when he saw Connie Cunaman's naked body. When Steve lost his faith, he ran around naked and started killing park animals. When Ethel tried to talk him out of it, Steve was only convinced to do even worse stuff. He robbed a bank, raped an elephant in the zoo, and snorted cocaine in a public bathroom. In the end, Steve died and went to Heaven. God told him that he just barely squeezed his way in but Steve didn't believe this was really God, so he kicked God in the testicles and ripped his beard off, earning himself a one-way ticket to Hell. Hell was identical to Brickleberry National Park, making his afterlife just like his previous life on Earth.
  • In "Saved by the Balls", Steve and Denzel Jackson worked in cahoots with a mobster named Nikolai and started up a weed farm. To make the weed grow faster, he stole Malloy's dismembered testicles and squeezed the juice into the dirt. When Nikolai killed his own son because he didn't bless Steve after he sneezed, all Steve could think of was how much Nikolai must like him.
  • In "Squabbits", Steve knowingly ran into a hiker with his patrol vehicle and knocked her off a cliff, killing her just so that he could get to a rabbit next to her.
  • In "Daddy Issues", Steve shot a bunch of already dying goats to death. Later, a hairless bear broke a prize machine and Steve stole a bunch of toys from it. When Steve saw that Connie was going to kill the bear, Steve had the caveman switch places with Ethel, mainly to save the bear but inadvertently endangering Ethel's life. Steve later went up to the watchtower to fight with Connie. When Steve's real father, Jonah Williams, finally returned, he assumed he was an imposter and tased him to death, killing his own father.
  • In "Ranger Games", Steve cheated in the Ranger Games by taking steroids.
  • In "The Animals Strike Back", Steve framed Connie for the death of Malloy's parents by editing the video of the death of Malloy's parents to make it look like Connie did it. This tricked Connie into believing she was responsible and going to Malloy and Nazir the Moose to publicly announce her guilt. However, Steve later felt guilty about what he did and before Connie could claim responsibility for the crime, Steve admitted to it, himself. Steve got his comeuppance in the end when Malloy killed Steve's parents right in front of his face.
  • In "Scared Straight", Steve broke into a prison to bust Denzel, Malloy, and The Cool Friends Gang out, even though he knew they were all guilty of assault, robbery, and even murder.
  • In "My Favorite Bear", Steve was faced with a bunch of endangered people in a forest fire and instead of saving them, he went to the strip club to smoke crack and get assed in the face by strippers.
  • In "Obamascare", Steve decapitated Peter Dinklage. Later, he and Woody Johnson had sex with siamese twin hookers and when they asked for payment, they murdered them and threw them into a ditch to Africa.
  • In "Baby Daddy", Steve attempts to rape a heavily intoxicated Ethel and then record it and post it on the internet without her consent. However, he blacked out, himself, before he could have sex with her. When he awoke, he was under the false pretense that he had successfully fucked Ethel and proudly went around town, proclaiming it to everybody. This included him creating a high-budget theater show called "I Fucked Ethel", where he sang a musical number about how he fucked Ethel. This can be considered slander.
  • In "Cops and Bottoms", Steve attempts to beat an innocent kid senseless with a billy club for littering but the kid snatches it away from him and beats him up instead.
  • In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", Steve goes around the park, poaching animals under the alter-ego of "The Poachmaster General" and terrified Woody with a videotape, where he threatened to kill Malloy unless he got one hundred-thousand dollars from Woody. Woody obliged and gave him the money but Steve ran off with the money and the bag. However, he was stopped by the cops of Paradise P.D., who unmasked him and revealed his true identity. They tried to free Malloy from the bag but a bobcat came out and mauled Woody. As Steve explained, he knew Brickleberry National Park was about to be foreclosed but Woody wasn't paying the mortgage so he came up with this convoluted scheme to trick Woody into coughing up the money he needed to pay to keep the park from getting shut down.


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