Steven Archimedes, aka the Professor, is a member of Blessed and a major antagonist in Cyborg 009: Call of Justice. As the head of the Dynamic Ultra company, the Professor assists the Blessed in their goals by providing them with the nanomachines they need to evolve humanity.


Steven Archimedes stopped appearing in public in the year 1986 and had his brain transplanted from his body into the space station he was constructing for the Blessed.

As 009 and Catalina Canetti explored the Dynamic Ultra building, the Professor spoke with Catalina through a Terminal robot. Catalina expressed doubt over the ability of humans to evolve, but the Professor stated that they had already succeeded with someone she knew.

The Professor soon encountered 009 when he and 004 infiltrated his space station. He revealed to 009 his status as a disembodied brain, and asked him to consider the fact that, by destroying the station, he would be denying humanity the chance to evolve. 009 refused to reconsider and attempted to shoot the Professor, but his shots were blocked by the Professor's shield.

However, 004, who was plugged into the station, managed to get the Professor to lower the shields, allowing 009 to shoot and kill him.


  • Due to being a sentient brain, it is possible that he is a member (or former member) of the Generalissimo. Furthermore, this could prove that the Generalissimo may be behind Blessed, as they are with Black Ghost.


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