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Listen to me and listen good, partner. I DON'T ALLOW VANDALISM IN MY STOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!
~ Steven's rage towards Frank West.

Steven Chapman is a psychopath from Dead Rising. He is one of the mandatory bosses in order to finish the game.


Steven Chapman was the manager of Sean's Food & Stuff in Willamette.

During the outbreak in Willamette, Steven has gone mad and become a deranged man, attacking survivors who try to get in and steal food and supplies from his store. He often shouts loudly at people.

Frank West meets Steven who has taken Isabela Keyes hostage when he is sent to find medicine for a wounded Brad. Steven believes that Frank has come to vandalize his store, despite Frank's explaination, so he attacks Frank.

After he is defeated he worries about who will run his store when he is gone. Before he dies, he wishes Frank a nice day and order him to "Clean up. Register 6.", then he dies.
Dead Rising Supermarket Boss

Dead Rising Supermarket Boss

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