Steven Mandragora is a powerful crime lord and enemy of Batman and the Justice League.

DC Animated Universe

Mandragora was once the right hand man for crime boss Franco Bertineli after Mandragora immigrated from Italy. Mandragora murdered Franco and his wife since he was tired of taking orders, however Franco's daughter Helena watched the murder from the closet where Franco hid her and that angered her. Mandragora then became a mob leader, got married, and had a son named Edgar.

Mandragora was in federal custody since he offered to testify against his business associates and rivals in exchange for immunity. However, Mandragora was stalling them while his associates were rescuing his son Edgar from a rival gang who kidnapped him while they were in Italy together. Mandragora was planning to escape from federal custody and vanish with Edgar under new identities.

Mandragora was being tracked by Helena, who was now a vigilante known as Huntress, and Helena's boyfriend the Question. Helena was surprised to see that the man who beat her parents to death was now a loving father and decided to not put Edgar through the horror she experienced.

Huntress stopped Mandragora's plans to escape the country and Mandragora decided to cooperate with the authorities for Edgar's sake.

Powers and abilities 

Mandragora's main power seems to be superhuman strength and mild superhuman durability.

Background Information

He was a powerful mobster who hired Omerta the Silencer to kill Franco in order to take all his wealth. Franco placed his money in a safe that was secretly built in an old underground subway in New York City. To open the safe, Mandraogra needed Franco's finger prints and retinal scan. Mandragora ordered Omerta to cut off Franco's hands and eyes while murdering everyone in the room as well as the Bertinelli family so there would be no witnesses. Mandragora later sent Omerta the Silencer after Huntress since he needed someone with Bertinelli's blood type to open the safe. Omerta captured Huntress and was about to rape her until Mandragora stopped him since that was not the way he liked to do things. Mandragora tried to get Huntress to join him after killing Omerta the Silencer, however Huntress refused and pushed Mandragora to his death after a fight.

He was inspired by the Batman character Tobias Whale since he is an albino with superhuman strength.

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