I never gamble. Oh, and I'm cutting our deal short. (Tan: Oh. And my plates?) The plates stay with me. I'm sure you won't have a problem with that.
~ Reign attempting to double-cross Tan.

Steven Reign is a supporting antagonist in the 2001 film Rush Hour 2.

He was portrayed by the late Alan King.


Reign started as the owner of the Reign Plazas that covers half of Los Angeles. He is first seen in Ricky Tan's yacht during a party attended by Isabella Molina and James Carter (unaware that they're both undercover cops). Recognizing Reign form the start, Carter asks him what's he doing down in Hong Kong, to which Reign replied that he's having a weekend taking the sights. He is later seen watching Hu Li escape from the yacht following the supposed murder of Ricky Tan, an act witnessed by Carter.

Suspecting that Reign might be involved in the Triads' current plot of a counterfeiting operation, Carter and his partner Detective Lee head back to Los Angeles and rented a room in the Reign Towers, where they spied on him renting out one of suites to Isabella, who confirmed Lee and Carter's suspicions about the counterfeit operation. Carter and Lee soon tracked down some of the counterfeit money back to a Reign Towers employee named Zing, who happens to be a Triad member. Lee and Carter then soon learned that the Triads are heading up to Las Vegas, where Reign owns a large casino called Red Dragon (named after Ricky Tan's boat). At that point, both detectives realized that Reign is working with the Triads all the time and is using the casino to launder $100 million in steel plates. However, they soon learned that Tan faked his death and is the true mastermind behind the operation, revealing that Reign is nothing more than a pawn.

During the scuffle between the detectives and the Triads inside the casino, Reign took the opportunity to head over to the penthouse where the plates are stored, just as Tan arrives to confront him. Reign announced that he's cutting the deal short by keeping the plates, and revealed a gun inside his pants in case Tan would try to take them. Unperturbed, Tan manages to stab Reign in the chest with a hidden knife, recalling about the story of the dragon and the treasure that Reign told him and that he hated that story so much. As such, Reign succumbs to his death while Tan takes the plates, only to end up being confronted by Lee and Carter.

Following Tan's death, Reign's corpse was incinerated when Hu Li blew up a bomb in a failed suicide attempt to kill Lee and Carter.




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