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You're the prettiest one in my collection so far.
~ Turkell to Cheryl.
It must be visiting hours, 'cause my friend is back!
~ Turkell.
You know, I feel like I'm a crusader against the whores of the world.
~ Turkell.
Steven Turkell is the secondary antagonist of the 1990 action-horror film Maniac Cop 2.

He was portrayed by Leo Rossi


Turkell is a stereotypical ax-crazy serial killer, but he a jovial, wild, Large Ham party-man who engages in a friendship with Cordell until the climax.

Maniac Cop 2

Elsewhere, a stripper named Cheryl is attacked in her apartment by Steven Turkell, who has strangled at least six other exotic dancers. As Turkell brutalizes Cheryl, Cordell arrives, murders the two officers earlier called by Cheryl, and helps Turkell escape. Grateful for the help, Turkell befriends Cordell and takes him back to his apartment, where Cordell stays for a short while. After Cordell leaves, Turkell goes out to find another victim but is identified at a strip club by Cheryl. He is arrested and placed in a holding cell by Susan and Detective Lieutenant Sean McKinney.

Turkell taunts Susan, telling him Cordell will break him out. Turkell's assumption proves correct, as Cordell breaks into the police station and murders a total of nineteen police officers and frees Turkell and several unnamed convicts. Using Susan as a hostage, Turkell, Cordell, and another criminal named Joseph Blum hijack a prison bus and head to Sing Sing, where Turkell believes Cordell wants to free all the inmates and create an army of criminals (Cordell even enforces this point by killing an inmate who disagreed and questioned him). McKinney and Doyle follow, and McKinney convinces Doyle to reopen Cordell's case and rebury his casket with full honors on the assumption that this will appease Cordell.

Cordell bluffs his way into the prison using Blum's paperwork, and he kill a guard for his keys. Shortly after entering death row, Cordell is contacted over the prison PA system by Doyle, who admits to Cordell that he was set up and states that his case has been reopened. After hearing Doyle's announcement, Cordell abandons Turkell, Blum, and Susan and heads deeper into the prison, where he is attacked with a Molotov cocktail by the three inmates who originally mutilated him. While burning, Cordell finally gets revenge and murders on the three convicts who mutilated him and assaults the other prisoners (killing one of them, who didn't mutilate him, in the process), only to be attacked by Turkell, who realizes Cordell used him. As Cordell and Turkell fight, the two crash through a wall, fall onto the bus below, and seemingly dies when the vehicle explodes (killing Turkell in the process).