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Stevie The Bookie is a recurring antagonist in Still Game. He runs the Craiglang betting shop and is a greedy, arrogant and thieving bet master.

He was portrayed by Matt Costello.


Stevie is a sly, lying and thieving man who is the arch nemesis of Winston Ingram who he constantly swindles whenever the latter bets on any horse race, and even if Winston's horse wins Stevie would never pay him.

In his first appearance he was seen stealing electricity during a heavy winter, this is perhaps his most villainous act since he knew completely well that pensioners would be more vulnerable in the winter and that one had even died shortly before that episode took place. He is strongly disliked by most of the Craiglang residents due to his untrustworthy nature and tendency to not pay others back for whatever they betted. He constantly taunts Winston for everything especially when whatever horse he has picked loses the races he bets on.

He disappeared for a short period of time and when he did return he was disguised as his brother however Winston is not buying it and is desperate to get his money back. He hides in the Bookie toilets one morning and sees Stevie coming in and shaving his head. Stevie admits to the scam but mocks Winston since he cannot prove anything and that he will get off scot-free however Tam reveals himself to Stevie as part of Winston's plan and had heard the entire conversation. He reluctantly pays Winston out of fear of being prosecuted for his crimes however he didn't redeem himself at all and remained the way he was.

In his next major appearance, he had a crush on a girl named Stacey at the same time as Boaby the Barman and the two ended up having a boxing fight to settle the score however the referee was actually Stacey's dad and knocked the two unconscious angrily upon realizing who the two were fighting for.

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