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Stewart Babcock is the main antagonist of the Monk episode "Mr Monk and the 12th Man".  

He was portrayed by Ed Marinaro.



Six years before the episode starts he murders his first wife and hides her body in the fridge. He then decides to build an extension to his house in order to hide his wife murder. While working on his house a construction worker falls off his roof and lands on some metal pipes. He survives and files a lawsuit against Stewart Babcock for 75 grand. While deliberating the jury visit his house. One juror strays off and searches for valuables to steal in order to fund his gambling addiction. He encounters Mrs Babcock's corpse and takes a photo and a finger in order to blackmail Stewart into funding his gambling addiction. He does this anonymously so that Stewart doesn't know who is blackmailing him. The jury deliberates and orders Babcock to pay 75,000 to the construction worker which he does through his insurance company. After six years the juror keeps demanding more and more money Stewart snaps and decides to kill him but he doesn't know which juror he is being blackmailed by so he decides to kill them all.

Present day

He then starts killing the jury one by one and commits a series of murders. This includes two shootings, five hit and runs, one drowning and one electrocution. At the start of the episode he drives up to a toll booth that one of the jurors works in and pays the toll with 10 euro he then  asks if his name is Frank Pulaski. When frank says yes he demands his change which frank hands to him but as he does Stewart handcuffs him to a rope and drives off dragging frank to death. Monk is called to investigate and is bluffed by the diversity of the group and is unaware of the Babcock lawsuit. Meanwhile Babcock pays to go see a movie and while he is watching the movie he strangles a female juror to death. Monk connects the two murder 's together by 10 euro bills that Stewart used for both the movie and the tollbooth. Monk then finally links them together and tries to notify the two surviving members but it's too late for one of them as Stewart stabs him before monk can save him and puts the sole surviving juror in protective custody.


He attempts to flee to Mexico with his wife on order to avoid prosecution but Monk catches him. He denies everything but Monk proves he committed the murders by having his cleaner identify the ripped off sleeve from the killer as his own.

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