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Energy cannot die. It can only be transformed.
~ The Stewmaker.

The Stewmaker, real name Stanley R. Kornish is a one-shot antagonist in the NBC thriller TV series The Blacklist. He is a body disposer but one who doesn't actually see what he does as villainous, rather as just a job.

He was portrayed by Tom Noonan, who also portrayed The Ripper in Last Action Hero, Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon, Cain in RoboCop 2, and Jake Berlin in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Despite being a body disposer who will do anything his hirer tells him to do, Kornish really isn't very evil and is merely following orders, making it clear that he isn't even aware of his nickname "The Stewmaker" and how notorious he is in the underworld. He's essentially an everyman who just so happens to live a double life as a criminal.


Born Stanley R. Kornish, the Stewmaker began his career as a good dentist but secretely worked as a body disposer for hire who would often work for criminals, and has seemingly made it his primary income. Sometime in his life, Kornish married a woman named Ellenore who he got a son named Danny with, though it is unknown if any of them were aware of his criminal acts.

During the events of the episode, the Stewmaker makes a deal with the high-ranking drug lord Hector Lorca, wanting to get rid of a possible witness. As usual, Kornish uses a cabin in the woods to dispose of the body and has his dog with him, though he let's him play outside while he does it, and then has a photo of his victim, as a sort of souvenir.

It is revealed though that Kornish has a second victim; FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen. He takes her into his cabin and ties her against a chair, and then paralyzes her with a drug, though she eventually manages to break free. Kornish has his dog help him capture her again and tries killing her again with the chemicals, and he states that while torture isn't really his thing, he has to do it because it was in the order.

However, Raymond Reddington comes to the rescue and ties Kornish against his chair, preparing on killing him the same way Kornish was going to do on Keen. However, Keen begs Reddington not to kill him, having noticed that he isn't very villainous and is merely doing his job, but Reddington pushes him into the chemicals anyway, killing him.


  • Unnamed Witness
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Keen (attempted)


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