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Stheno is one of the three Gorgon Sisters in the God of War series. She appears as a giant Gorgon in the Bog of the Forgotten in God of War: Ascension's multiplayer mode, having being the Queen of the Gorgons before her sisters.

Role in God of War

Few facts are know about Stheno in the God of War series. She is the sister of Medusa and Euryale, and was Queen of the Gorgons until, for some unknown reason, Medusa acquires this role. She makes her only appearance in God of War: Ascension's multiplayer mode, in the Bog of the Forgotten stage. She is first encased in stone in the middle of the swamp but can unleash her petrifying gaze onto the unlucky warriors who stand before her.

A warrior can release her by using a gold shield to reflect her beam back to her, shattering the stone on her and petrifying nearby warriors. The warrior who freed her possesses her and can use her power to petrify enemies in a certain radius.

Unlike the other multiplayer boss, Polyphemus, Stheno cannot be killed by any team, having her gaze as her only interaction with any warrior. This fact reduces even more the role in the God of War series, as its unknown who trapped her in the temple structure, if she actually God out of the Bog, or even if she is actually canon.


  • Though Kratos doesn't face Stheno in the campaign of any game, its clear that she wasn't the Queen of the Gorgons anymore. However, its unknown if she has been killed, if she gave up her throne to Medusa, of if she is actually trapped in the Bog of the Forgotten, nor by who.
  • Stheno is far bigger than any other Gorgon in the series including her sisters.
  • Its unknown if her appearance is canon.
  • Its unknown why Stheno is held captive in her own temple or why she is trapped by a wall that seems to have been built around her.
    • There are speculations that, in order to become Queen in Stheno's place, it was Medusa who petrified her in the Bog. If Medusa had enough power for that, then she would surely earn the respect or fear of any other Gorgon who wanted to take her place.
  • According to former developer David Jaffe, in God of War III, Stheno was going to appear as a boss, to later be killed and have her head used as a weapon by Kratos like her sisters. However, since Jaffe left the development team, the plans were changed and Helios' head was used as a weapon instead.
  • While the other Gorgons' gazes only turn Kratos and warriors into stone, rendering them vulnerable to a one-hit kill, Stheno's gaze instantly kills any who is petrified by it.


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