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Although it's been kept hidden from the public for many years, one of the issues that remains underground in today's online society is the slavery of stick figures. Certain animators and graphic designers have decided to abuse their rights as creators and owners of the stick figures they create. Although the ownership of the stick figure is acceptable, it is unfair that certain sticks are not guaranteed the same rights as other animations. All sticks are created equal.
~ Some text on showing how some Stick Figures are treated by their animators.

The Stick Figures are one of the two titular characters of the Animator vs. Animation franchise alongside the Animator and the main protagonists of its spin-off Animation vs. Minecraft.

They are the main antagonists of the first three films, but then become the main protagonist of the fourth one and every entry after it.

They are AI's that are often used as slaves by their creators, explaining why they're so hostile.

Human-Stick Relations

As revealed in one moment in Animator vs. Animation III, the Stick Figures are often uses as slaves and mere tools by their creators, and it's kept hidden from the public for many years. However, some humans are opposed to it and can be friends with their creations.

Alan Becker himself is both, once using stick figures as mere puppets and playthings, but eventually became friends with them in 2014 after making a deal with the Second Coming.

Stick Figures tend to be extremely hostile to humans as the result of being used, actively trying to ruin their computer, and in one case, their social life. However, not all Stick Figures are hostile to humans, as some are literal video-game characters, and not their creations.

In one case, a Stick Figure became so vengeful and hateful towards humans it tried to send out viruses to popular websites so countless computers could get destroyed. Thankfully, it failed. Humanity has adapted to Stick Figures and their aggresion, as Clippy is programmed to help killing a Stick Figure if it ever goes aggressive.



Main article: Victim

victim is the first Stick Figure seen, but not the first one created. It was created in 2006 by Alan Becker, and his first creation. It was killed mere minutes after its creation after Alan simply closed the program, which it failed to escape.

victim's Clones

Main article: Victim's Clones

victim's Clones are the clones victim made while trying to defeat Alan. Thanks to them, Alan was in more trouble and was eventually forced to close the program.

The Chosen One

Main article: Chosen One (Animator vs. Animation)

The Chosen One is the strongest character in the series, the only Stick Figure with a confirmed gender, Alan's second creation, as well as his previous archenemy. He was created in 2007 by Alan as he was simply looking for a challenge. Although turned into a slave minutes after his creation, he broke out in 2011 and was one of the two Stick Figures that gave Alan's first computer an extra-powerful Blue Screen of Death. The Chosen One and his friend below wrecked havoc across many websites, until the former was terrified as the Dark Lord fell into madness. The Chosen One eventually saved Alan and his new creations, and went on a mission to kill his former ally. He succeeded.

The Dark Lord

Main article: Dark Lord (Animator vs. Animation)

Created in 2011 and made solely to defeat the Chosen One, the Dark Lord is the first Stick Figure that was red, and is so far the most ruthless and evil, shown to be happy to harm its own kind. Although it was at first Alan's right hand, after seeing Alan would rather play virtual Solitaire than help his own creation, it betrayed him. After joining the Chosen One and giving Alan's first computer an extra-powerful Blue Screen of Death, the two Stick Figures wrecked havoc across countless websites. The Dark Lord was the Stick Figure that tried to commit worldwide destruction by sending out a virus army, but it failed and was murdered.

Kickstarter Stick Figure

Main article: Kickstarter Stick Figure

The Kickstarter Stick Figure is non-canon to the timeline and served only to be in a Kickstarter campaign. It destroyed Alan's computer.

Fighting Stick Figures

A team of Stick Figures that hang out together and have fun.

The Second Coming

Main article: Second Coming

The Second Coming was made in 2014, and showed to be the first Stick Figure Alan befriended. It is connected to the Chosen One and has his powers. It's the first Stick Figure seen interacting with games like Minecraft and League of Legends. It was the one to kill The Dark Lord.

GreenStickFigure, BlueStickFigure, YellowStickFigure and RedStickFigure

Known as simply Green, Blue, Yellow and Red, these Stick Figures are the Second Coming's friends. Originally made simply to fight each other, they broke out, only to be killed by Alan, and revived a couple of minutes later. They revive back on the website they came from every time they die. Ever since Alan's redemption, they join the Second Coming in adventures.


Main article: Purple (Animator vs Animation)

Purple is a mysterious, purple Stick Figure first seen in 2018. It's the ruler of some Villagers from Minecraft and seeks revenge on the five Stick Figures above after they were the reason why it lost its power. Once, it left Green and Blue to fall to their deaths (though they were luckily saved by their friends and the villagers) to steal the Ender Dragon's egg, which caused the mother Ender Dragon to destroy the village until it got its child back, resulting in the villagers turning on Purple for his greed. In Animation vs. League of Legends, Purple befriends the Fighting Stick Figures in the end. In the third season of the AvM Shorts, he's revealed to be the right hand to another stick figure.

Purple's Clones

Main article: Purple's Clones

Purple's Clones are the clones Purple made while trying to defeat the Fighting Stick Figures. They all perished.


Main article: Orange (Animator vs. Animation)

Orange is a mysterious stick figure acting as Purple's king which tries to obtain some unknown, but large power.