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Stickyfins Whiting is a one-time villain from the Nickelodeon animated series, Spongebob Squarepants, only appearing in the episode "The Getaway". He is a criminal who escaped from prison and used Spongebob as his getaway driver. Normally, he works with Dorsal Dan.

He is voiced by Joe Pantoliano.


In "The Getaway", Spongebob was taking his driver's test and Mrs. Puff got sick of putting up with him so she got out of the car and called for a replacement driving instructor. At this time, a prison riot happened and Stickyfins Whiting broke out of jail and got into Spongebob's car, unbeknownst to Mrs. Puff. Spongebob mistook Stickyfins for the new driving instructor and Stickyfins played along with the act so that he could trick Spongebob into being his getaway driver. Spongebob drove Stickyfins away and Mrs. Puff saw that he escaped. Just at this time, Dorsal Dan pulled up in his car to pick up Stickyfins but realized he was too late. Mrs. Puff got into the car with Dorsal Dan and told him to follow Spongebob and Stickyfins. The cops started chasing after Spongebob and Stickyfins, so Stickyfins told Spongebob to drive like crazy and lose them. Spongebob set the car at high speed and went up a ramp. They flew through some clotheslines and ended up getting dressed up in all the zany outfits. Then, they crashed into a fancy restaurant and Stickyfins stole all of the fancy stuff. When they got out of the restaurant they started driving the wrong way down the street. Stickyfins told Spongebob to turn around but when Spongebob turned around, all he did was go backwards, still the wrong way. After this, Stickyfins thought it was best to just go with the flow. Stickyfins had Spongebob pull over at a jewelry store so he could distract the owner, while he looted the place. After he looted the jewelry store, he told Spongebob to go and take him to the electronics store. While Stickyfins was looting the electronics store, Spongebob screwed around with the seating adjustments in the car. Stickyfins eventually came back with tons of electronics and also some money he stole. Stickyfins told Spongebob to go take him somewhere to launder the money. Spongebob took him to a car wash to get the money all clean. Spongebob later took Stickyfins to a driving range, where he got pelted by a bunch of golf balls. Then Spongebob took him through a coral field where Stickyfins got smacked by a bunch of coral. Then Spongebob stopped by a mountain where Stickyfins got crushed by a bunch of falling rocks. Stickyfins starting crying and getting hysterical, saying that he couldn't handle the pain anymore and wanted only to go back to prison. Spongebob drove off the mountain and Stickyfins veered the car into the prison and smashed it into the prison field. Stickyfins was happy to be back in his old prison again, where it was safe and volunteered to be locked up in solitary confinement.

In "The Krusty Slammer", Mr. Krabs turned The Krusty Krab into a prison and Stickyfins Whiting and Dorsal Dan were some of the prisoners there.


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