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Wilbur Day (Earth-616)
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Stilt-Man is a villain in the Marvel universe. He is an enemy to the superhero Daredevil.  He wears a bionic suit that gives him increased strength and durability and has leg attachments that can rise as high as a skyscraper.

Wilber Day

Wilbur Day was a scientist who was employed by Carl Kaxton, who invented a hydraulic ram device. Wilbur stole Kaxton's designs and used them to engineered a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs, which allowed him to tower high over the ground as the super-villain called Stilt-Man. In his first criminal outing, he battled Daredevil, resulting in him accidentally being hit by an experimental molecular condenser ray which shrunk him into near nothingness.

He was once saved by the Masked Marauder and teamed up with him to kidnap the Nelson and Murdock law firm employees. After fighting Spider-Man he went to fire a ray gun as he was standing in water and shorted out his electrical systems leaving him unconscious and ready to be picked up by the police. However he was rescued by the super-villain Electro and joined his Emissaries of Evil. Their plan was as a team to defeat Daredevil but in turn were defeated themselves.

When his armor was stolen by a small-time crook named Turk, Day contacted Daredevil and informed him of a weakness in the armor. Thanks to Day's information, Daredevil easily disabled the auto-gyroscopes necessary for the armor to keep its balance and brought Turk down. Day later modified the armor to prevent Daredevil for using this new found knowledge against him. Stilt-Man continued to make sporadic appearances in various Marvel comics, wherein he continued his criminal career and fought several superheroes, but without much success.

When Daredevil's secret identity of Matt Murdock was exposed by a local newspaper, Wilbur visited the law offices of Nelson and Murdock, announcing he was sick of the whole ordeal and that he was retiring as Stilt-Man. He left his armor in a suitcase on Murdock's desk, and was forcibly removed when he began yelling his paranoid conclusion that Murdock was the real Kingpin. Murdock then jokingly asked his law partner, Foggy Nelson, if he'd like to be the next Stilt-Man, an offer he quickly declined.

Day did not stay in retirement for long, however. During the Civil War, he was killed by the Punisher. After his death, many super-villains held a wake for him at a Bar with No Name where it was revealed he had married Princess Python.

Day's death became a cause célèbre for an anti-technology anarchist terrorist cell who called themselves the Bastard Sons of Wilbur Day, despite Spider-Man pointing out that their beliefs and goals had very little to do with anything Day had believed.

Television History

200px-Wilbur Day (Earth-534834)

Stilt-Man also made a guest appearance on the Iron Man episode "Armor Wars" Pt. 1 voiced by Dorian Harewood. His armor was based on Stark's Iron Man technology when he is seen when he was trying to rob a building from the outside. Iron Man used his drill armor to take out one of the legs and then attached a Negator Pack on him while Stilt-Man was hanging onto a window.

Lady Stilt-Man

200px-Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 611 page 09-10 Lady Stilt-Man (Earth-616)

A female variant appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #611, calling herself "Lady Stilt-Man". Deadpool defeats her by removing a manhole cover, causing one of her legs to fall in, and her other to step onto a high heel attached to the top of a truck. She doesn't appear to be connected to any of the other Stilt-Men, and claims she is using the name as an "homage". This version is more clumsy and uncoordinated, and Spider-Man himself says she is "trying too hard."

In the "Villains for Hire" miniseries, Lady Stilt-Man reappears as a member of Misty Knight's villain subgroup for Heroes for Hire, going by just "Stilt-Man." She later defects to Purple Man's side.

She is later recruited by Max Fury to join the Shadow Council's incarnation of the Masters of Evil.

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