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Malachi Yandro

Stinger is a villain from DC Comics.

Malachi Yandro

Malachi Yandro was a Star City gang leader who, following what seemed the popular underworld trend, became a costumed villain, teaming up with Count Vertigo.

Superboy Villain

Stinger II

Superboy villain.

Stinger is a mercenary who will take on anyone as long as he's paid to do it. Initially hired by Rex Leech, The Stinger is most known for his attack on Superboy and causing the Hobsneck Bridge to collapse, leading to the deaths of dozens of people. The fight had been staged in part by Superboy's future manager Rex Leech to get Superboy's attention, so Rex could become his publicity manager. The Stinger gave Superboy quite a fight, electrocuting and strangling him until Supergirl showed up to aid him. At that point, not being hired to fight both, Stinger took off, but not before destroying the bridge, leaving Superboy and Supergirl to save as many people as they could. He has also lead the Silicon Dragons, and worked for Lady Dragon. Stinger ran into Superboy was when he was hired to assassinate the Suicide Squad, a team Superboy was a member of as well. The squad ended up paying Stinger off to get him to switch sides so that he would help stop the people he was originally hired to protect, the Silicon Dragons. Due to an enormous explosion at the Dragons undersea base, Stinger took left.


Stinger Dakotaverse

Enemy of Kobalt from the Dakotaverse.


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