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Au revoir, Dangeresque and Fah-bear!
~ Relenque saying goodbye to Dangeresque and Firebert.

Stingy Relenque is the main antagonist of the 2017 Homestar Runner Decemberween Special entitled Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hi-Jack. He is a French-Canadian smuggler and Decemberween-themed.


On Decemberween, he took all of the Hot Jones, a popular Decemberween drink from various stores and kept them in the Hot Jones factory. He was encountered by Dangeresque and Firebert of the Cheat Commandos. He created a robotic Santaman who can cut up the two heroes with his trap as he drove away in his truck of Hot Jones. As he confronted Dangeresque again, he made Dangeresque stay on the top of the truck filled with Hot Jones until he tripped on his Decemberween lights, making him fall with the truck as Dangeresque escaped.


Relenque has a profound liking of Hot Jones, which motivated him to take over the Hot Jones factory. He likes to keep the Hot Jones from everyone else while he is away.


  • While Relenque is acted by Homestar Runner, it isn't shown that he is connected to Dangeresque Too aside the fact that he paraphrased "the pipes are broken".
  • It is not known if Relenque's French is real aside from his use of "Au revoir".


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