Stitches: DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL! (laughter)
~ Stitches' most famous quote.
~ Stitches' catchphrase.

Stitches, also known under his civilian name Mr. Grayson, is the secondary antagonist in the 2005 live action Disney film Sky High. He is the assistant of the supervillain Royal Pain, and bears a strong resemblance to a court jester.

He was portrayed by Jim Rash.


As Royal Pain's minion, he was assigned into helping her destroy Sky High and raise new heroes into villains with the usage of a weapon called the Pacifier (who can turn any person into a baby). However, they were caught by the superhero couple (Commander and Jetstream), and during the fight, the Pacifier exploded, seemingly killed Royal Pain. However, in actuality, Royal Pain was turned in a baby, and Stitches took her away, keeping themselves away from the authorities.

For the next years, Stitches raised Royal Pain as his daughter, hoping for another comeback. Taking on the name Mr. Grayson while, he helped Royal Pain (who took on as his daughter Gwen) plan out her revenge by getting her back into Sky High, where she enrolls three other students (Penny Lent, Speed and Lash) to help her do her dirty work. After Royal Pain finally recovered the Pacifier and revealed herself to everyone during the Homecoming Dance, Stitches laughed maniacally as he watches her turning everyone in the auditorium into babies.

Stitches then tries to load up the babies into a bus while Will Stronghold (the son of Comannder and Jetstream) and several heroes deal with Royal Pain and her other cohorts. After loading up the bus, Stitches attempt to get in, only to find Ron Wilson (the local bus driver) awaiting for him. Ron then punches Stitches out from the bus, claiming that he himself is the only person who can ride superheroes to school.

After Royal Pain is defeated, Stitches, along with Royal Pain and their cohorts, are placed inside the school's detention room before being sent to prison for their crimes.


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