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You know what happens when I get lonely, Blitzy...
~ Stolas to Blitzo.

Stolas is a character who is native to the Hazbin Hotel universe but made his first true appearance in the spin-off "Helluva Boss" - he has a rather minor but important role in the pilot and is confirmed as one of Hell's Goetia Demons a group of high-level demons, making him one of the most powerful and influential beings in Hell.


Prior to the actual events of the pilot, Stolas and Blitzo engaged in a sexual affair, though Blitzo only did this to obtain Stolas' book and thus gain access to Earth and begin the formation of I.M.P.

Stolas was first properly introduced when he called Blitzo to aid him in getting rid of some unnamed people on Earth who were causing him problems by "convincing people global warming exists" - when Blitzo asked if it did Stolas confirmed that global warming was real but more people died if nothing was done about it.

Stolas then went into a vicious, perverted rant about varied acts he wanted to do to Blitzo, promptly causing Blitzo to hang up - destroy his phone and order Loona to eat it, and then excrete off of a bridge.


You know what happens when I'm lonely, Blitzy? (Blitzo: Oh god fucking dammit...) When I'm lonely, I become hungry...and when I become hungry, I want to choke on that red *bleep* of yours *bleep* your s*bleep* and lick all of your *bleep* before taking out your *bleep* and *bleep* with more teeth until you're screaming *BLEEP* like a f*cking baby!
~ Stolas' perverted rant to Blitzo





  • Stolas' threatening phonecall was so perverted that it was heavily censored, even in a show that is filled with strong language and adult humor.
  • Stolas is based on the real-world demon of the same name, who is also considered a high-ranking figure in Hell.
  • It's possible that Stolas would become the main antagonist of the Helluva Boss series.
  • Brock Baker's impression of Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer serves as the inspiration for Stolas's voice.
  • Stolas's Instagram account is @daddy_hoothoot
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