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Villain Overview

You know what happens when I get lonely, Blitzy? When I'm lonely, I become hungry…and when I become hungry, I want to CHOKE on that red **** of yours ***** your s**** and lick all of your *** before taking out your **** and **** with more teeth until you're screaming **************** LIKE A F-CKING BABY!
~ Stolas to Blitzo over the phone.
"♫ As the stars start to align, I hope you take it as a sign that you'll be okay. Everything will be okay. And if the Seven Rings collapse, although the day will be my last, you will be okay. When I'm gone, you'll be okay. ♫"
~ Stolas, singing a lullaby to his daughter Octavia.

Stolas is the overarching protagonist of the Helluva Boss webseries, a spin-off that shares the same universe with Hazbin Hotel. He is the owner of the Grimoire that I.M.P. uses to access the living world and is confirmed to be one of Hell's Goetia Demons, a group of high-level demons, making him one of the most powerful and influential beings in Hell.

He was voiced by Brock Baker in the pilot, who also voiced the Ohio Demon, and is currently voiced by Bryce Pinkham in the series proper.


Prior to the actual events of the pilot, Stolas and Blitzo engaged in a sexual affair, though Blitzo only did this to obtain Stolas' book and thus gain access to Earth and begin the formation of I.M.P.


Stolas was first properly introduced when he called Blitzo to aid him in getting rid of some unnamed people on Earth who were causing him problems by "convincing people global warming exists" - when Blitzo asked if it did Stolas confirmed that global warming was real but more people died if nothing was done about it.

Stolas then went into a vicious, perverted rant about varied acts he wanted to do to Blitzo, promptly causing Blitzo to hang up, destroy his phone and order Loona to eat it, and then excrete off of a bridge.

Murder Family

Stolas appears briefly in this episode where he decides to manipulate Blitzo into more sexual favors, this time agreeing to let him keep the book full-time save for on the night of the full moon every month, when Blitzo must return the book "followed by a night of passionate fornication". Blitzo, who was being pursued by a serial-killer at the time, angrily agreed, much to Stolas' pleasure and he went on one of his signature perverted rants, which continued in the background for quite some time.

Loo Loo Land

Stolas plays a major role in Loo Loo Land and is fleshed out from his origins as a joke character, becoming a father figure as well as a much more sympathetic character. It is revealed that he is the father of Octavia and cares deeply for his daughter, although his infidelity has caused him and his wife Stella to have a strained relationship, with Stella constantly shouting and yelling at him for his affair(s) with Blitzo. In the episode, he and Octavia go to Loo Loo Land (reluctantly on Octavia's part) where Stolas hires Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie to be their bodyguards for the day.

The crew enter Fizzarolli's tent and listen to him singing Loo Loo Land's theme tune, although Stolas flirting with Blitzo causes Octavia to have enough and run away. Stolas eventually follows his daughter to an underground ride, where she reveals her disliking that her parents are now at each other's throats and how home doesn't feel like home anymore. Stolas apologizes for his behavior and actions, saying that things between him and Stella are complicated in a way where he can't find the right words. Octavia reveals that she's worried her father will run away with Blitzo and leave her behind.

Stolas however assures Octavia that he'd never do that, and the two proceed to leave. After reconciling, he picks her up and carries her out of the park.

The Harvest Moon Festival

Stolas invited Blitzo and his friends to the Harvest Moon Festival, little did they know, Striker, an assassin blended in as competitor of the festival, went to kill Stolas, however Blitzo and Moxxie saved him from the assassin. After the festival, Striker escaped to a motel, and called Stella about his failed attempt to kill the prince.

Truth Seekers

Blitzo and Moxxie were captured by D.H.O.R.K.S., a group of paranormal investigators, with Stolas appeared in the climax, where he appeared as a nightmarish and eldritch demon to save Blitzo and his crew from the agents. Shortly after, Blitzo and Stolas begin to passionately make out.


Stolas and Stella have divorced and take Octavia for battle custody to stay with Stella for weekends, leaving Stolas alone in the mansion.


Stolas is an incredibly tall demon, almost twice as tall as Blitzo, but also incredibly thin and lanky. His face resembles that of a fiendish owl. He always wears expensive-looking clothes that befit a nobleman of Hell. He has four eyes, two placed where one would expect eyes to be and two over those. Oddly, should he wear a hat, the upper pair of eyes appear on the hat's brim.


Stolas, don't act like what we have is anything but you wanting me to f-ck you, okay? You make that really clear all the time.
~ Blitzo to Stolas on their relationship.

Stolas is a high-ranking demon and thus capable of great evil, indeed in his first appearance he calmly talked about how mass-death was a good thing, despite this he is not actively malevolent in practice and prefers to indulge in his own perverted fantasies in regards to Blitzo.

This causes conflict with his family, especially with his wife Stella, due to imps being a lower-class demon. Stolas is aware of the social stigma of being in a relationship with an imp yet still openly admits that he cares for Blitzo.

Stolas is often prone to going into foul-mouthed and utterly perverted rants when he becomes aroused, which causes great discomfort to his target, which so far has been exclusively Blitzo. Although despite his aggressive speeches, Stolas has never been shown to physically force himself upon Blitzo (though he does use manipulative tactics to get sexual favors).

All in all, in regards to Stolas' relationship with Blitzo, it is a strange and often one-sided affair (quite literally) but Stolas does seem to have true affection for Blitzo. This ranks him above Valentino in terms of standards, whereas Val is abusive towards Vox and Angel Dust, even going as far as to rape the latter on multiple occasions.

Outside of his evil deeds and sexual life, Stolas is a loving father to his daughter, Octavia, trying his best to raise her properly but also unknowingly babying her in the process. He eventually learns that Octavia is not a child anymore at the end of Loo Loo Land and goes as far as to promise that no matter how he may feel about Blitzo, that he would never leave with him and abandon her. This is even shown beforehand when he dismisses the imp's sudden absence to search for his daughter.


Stolas: You know what happens when I'm lonely, Blitzy?
Blitzo: Oh god fucking dammit...
Stolas: When I'm lonely, I become hungry...and when I become hungry, I want to choke on that red *bleep* of yours *bleep* your s*bleep* and lick all of your *bleep* before taking out your *bleep* and *bleep* with more teeth until you're screaming *BLEEP* like a f-cking baby!
~ Stolas' perverted rant to Blitzo.
Stolas: When isn't it a bad time, Blitzy?
Blitzo: What is it?
Stolas: I've been meaning to follow up in our last little conversation regarding my Grimoire.
Blitzo: What did you just call me?
Stolas: My book, Blitzy - the book I was given to do my job that I have allowed you to use to do yours.
~ Stolas' calls to Blitzo about his book.
Stolas: Anyhoo I have been thinking, you know I have been permitting you to access the mortal realm less than legally for some time now but I do need it back to fulfill my duties, I was thinking what if we worked out some kind of exchange: favors for favors. Doesn't that sound enticing?
Blitzo: You gotta stop using your fancy-ass rich people talk, okay? I'm trying to concentrate on not getting f**ked in my a!
Stolas: Then let me keep it simple: Once a month on the full moon you return the book to me followed by a night of passionate fornication! Aaaand you get to keep it all the rest of the time, hm? Sound fair my little imp?
Blitzo: Fine! Whatever!
Stolas: Oh, Blitzo! I'm so excited! I cannot wait to fill your slimy c-*bleep!* inside of my *bleep!* delecta-
~ Stolas' makes a deal with Blitzo about using his book.
Stolas: There we go! Anything but staying in this house. Now, I'll arrange our security.
Octavia: Security for a theme park?
Stolas: We're rich, and we're hot. People want our money and our bodies...
Octavia: Our money maybe...
Stolas: Speak for yourself princess. Now, I'm calling the only man who can f-*bleep* me!
Stolas: Who can protect me- us!
~ Stolas and his daughter Octavia planning a trip to Loo Loo Land.
Stolas: Why hello, my big d-cked Blitzy... [Blitzo and Octavia both spit out their coffee]
Blitzo: What-
Octavia: the-
Blitzo: f-ck?
Octavia: Dad?!
Stolas: Language! Everyone!
~ Stolas calling Blitzo.
Ohohohohohohoho! How delightful! Oh my! What good aim you have, Blitzy...
~ Stolas after Blitzo shoots an assassin preparing to kill him.
Stolas: Um. I think I'm supposed to be body-guarded right now! [Millie shoots kidnapper]. Ugh, that's better. Where is Blitzy? He's my knight in shining armor, not you littler ones!
Millie: He's uh, busy.
Moxxie: Being a fool...
Stolas: What kind of fool?
Moxxie: The everything is now on fire kind...
~ Stolas to Moxxie and Millie.
Stolas: I'm sorry, Via, I'm sorry for... everything, happening right now I know it's a lot, I- I should've listened.
Octavia: I just wanna go home... But home doesn't even feel like home anymore *sniff*... You ruined it...
Stolas: You need to understand... Your mother and I, I just... I felt... She's always been, I haven't been ha- ... We weren't in- I'm sorry, I- I- I don't have the words...
Octavia: ... Are you gonna run off with him? And leave me behind...? Go away where... I can't find you?
Stolas: What? No... No, no, never. I'd never do that. Never. I think it's time to leave this place, you were right, you are too old for it anyway.
~ Stolas apologizes to his daughter and promises to never abandon her.
Who dares threaten my impish little play-thing?
~ Stolas as he enters D.H.O.R.K.S. headquarters.
What’s the matter demon hunter? Never seen a real demon before?
~ Stolas after possessing D.H.O.R.K. agent Agent Two.


  • Stolas' phone call with Blitzo, and his other perverted rants are so obscene that they are heavily censored, even in an MA-rated show that is filled with strong language and adult humor.
  • Despite his perverted behavior often annoying Blitzo, he has never gone to the same levels of control as Valentino does with Angel Dust. (And never will.)
    • Stolas has even shown distaste to the way Valentino treats others to the point where he loathes Valentino, specifically in various posts on Val's (Now archived) Instagram and on Blitzo's art streams.
  • Stolas is shown to be a loving father and thus while undeniably capable of great evil as a high-ranking demon is also a being with standards and limits on what he will and will not do.
  • In terms of power, Viv has admitted that she hasn't decided fully on Stolas' abilities yet. She did however reveal that his powers work differently than Alastor's, and even said that Stolas is actually stronger than him; Stolas has since been confirmed to be superior to most demons but below the Seven Princes and Lucifer.
  • Stolas is based on the real-world demon of the same name, who is also considered a high-ranking figure in Hell.
  • Brock Baker's impression of Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer serves as the inspiration for Stolas's voice.
  • Stolas' Instagram account is @daddy_hoothoot.
  • It was suggested for many episodes and eventually confirmed that Stolas is a BDSM enthusiast; ironically, he seems to prefer being the submissive. Being a demon, the "toys" he uses for this include bear traps.

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