Agent Stoltz

Stoltz is a minor antagonist in the 2018 Marvel film Ant-Man and the Wasp. He is a corrupt FBI agent who is in league with the infamous arms dealer Sonny Burch.

He was portrayed by Sean Thompson Kleier.


Stoltz started off as a respectable FBI agent, even being a close colleague to FBI agent Jimmy Woo, who has placed Scott Lang under house arrest due to the latter's involvement of the Avengers' clash over the Sokovia Accords. However, it wasn't until Stoltz hears of a new technology that Lang's mentor Hank Pym has created that involve shrinking and growing from Hank's daughter Hope, and that she and Hank intend to use the technology to save Hank's wife Janet from a quantum realm.

Stoltz then informs Burch, who intends to steal the technology and sell it for profit by tracking down Lang, Hank, and Hope at the house of Bill Foster (the adoptive father of Ava Starr). Stoltz also arranges for the FBI to head over to the location. This caused Hank and Hope to be arrested while Lang is forced to escape, allowing Stoltz to finally get his hands on Hank's shrunken lab. However, Ava kills Stoltz before taking the lab herself.

It remains unknown whether the FBI has learned of Stoltz's true allegiance with Burch or not following the latter's arrest for his crimes.


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Agent Stoltz



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Agent Stoltz
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