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Stolvan Sprug

Stolvan Sprug

Somehow you'll fuck it up. You always f**k it up!!!
~ Brick Bardo after Sprug explains his latest plan.

Stolvan Sprug is one of the main antagonists in the 1991 science fiction film Dollman.

He was portrayed by Frank Collison.


Stolvan Sprug is an Arturusian master criminal and the archenemy of Brick Bardo from the planet Arturus. Sprug wants revenge on Bardo for shooting off most of his body parts, leaving him only a head sustained by hi-tech machinery. He has been shown to have two henchmen Cally and Fisher. He orders them to hunt down Bardo and deliver him alive. When Bardo arrives he reveals that he is in possession of a powerful Dimensional Fusion Bomb that he will use if the city does not pay the 50,000 ions he is demanding.

Stolvan Sprug's Death

Stolvan Sprug's Death

Bardo easily kills Sprug's henchmen and nearly kills him as well before he flees in his flying saucer-esque spacecraft. Bardo quickly follows and in an act of desperation Sprug launches himself into a wormhole. This ends on an abandoned lot in south Bronx, Earth. His ship was damaged in the landing making incapable of sustained flight. Soon he learns that the inhabitants of earth of roughly six times the size of Arturusians.

Still determined to defeat his nemesis, Bardo, Sprug enlists the help of a local gang, under the leadership of criminal Braxton Red. Sprug promises to share is advanced weapons with them if they can kill Brick Bardo. When they attempt this Brick guns down several members of the gang, including Braxton Red. He returns to his base where Sprug heals his normally fatal chest wound. Red then crushes him to death taking his bomb for himself.

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