Stoneface is an African-American Harlem gang-lord specializing in numbers-running and protection money. 

One of his numbers runners is Jody Casper, nephew to Sam Wilson, also known as The Falcon. Jody thinks Stone-Face is the biggest man around. When he is nabbed by the police,  Captain America who speaks up for Jody, earning him a suspended sentence. When Stone-Face learns that Jody has gone free, he believes that his numbers runner has ratted on him. He sends two hoods to Jody's house to teach him a lesson. Stone-Face captures the Falcon, then blackmails the Governor of New York, telling his representative that any attempt to build a State Office Building in Harlem will be destroyed by rioting unless the state hands over a million dollars. Unfortunately, his abduction of the Falcon brings Captain America and Spider-Man down on him. Those two heroes, with the freed Falcon, take down Stone Face and hand him over to the police.

Stone Face manages to escape to Nigeria. He kidnaps Leila lonely for an American woman, Falcon's girlfriend. Falcon and the Black Panther get together and knock the stuffing out of Stoneface again.

After this fiasco, Stone-Face (back again to being Stoneface) grows his hair and beard gets new hired muscle named Rufus and Jackson and concocts some ridiculous scheme to hold an auction for international spies or something like that. His last caper involved him growing out his hair and beard and hiring two massive bodyguards named Rufus and Jackson. Stone Face was planning to auction off items to spies. Power Man and Iron Fist finds out about it and bust the auction up. Stone Face was caught by the mercenary Vienna, but was let go after paying Vienna $10,000, but runs right into Power Man and Iron Fist on his way out. He is knockout and arrested.

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