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Stop & Freeze are the robot-like twin generals of Dys Dark and major antagonists in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. They work under Close's wing.

Stop was voiced by Shiori Izawa and Freeze was voiced by Miyako Itō.


When Close returned revived, and Princess Precure fought him, he created Stop & Freeze from two seeds of despair during the battle. They then joined the battle, and in the battle they took the dream of Hanae Komori, locked it away, and created Zetsuborg from it. The fight got tough, but Princess Precure managed to defeat the Zetsuborg they created, and they saved Hanae and her dreams, and then they left with Close. After Close had created a new castle from the thorns of despair, and informed Dyspear that he had planted the seeds of despair, Dyspear set them and Shut to follow every command given by Close. Since then, they have continued to gather despair to grow a forest of despair, and the forest began to grow when Haruka Haruno’s dream was destroyed. But the forest began to disappear when Haruka found her dream and memories and she and her friends won the battle against them, Close and Shut. And when Dyspear made an attack on the human world, they fought alongside him in it, but soon they returned to their original form, and fought in their original form against Princess Precure. But after Dyspear was defeated, Close started fighting Haruka once more and they fought alongside him against Haruka, but during the fight Close sucked them into his body.