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Villain Overview

I shall decide the way how the story concludes.
~ Storious after unveiling the Grimoire Alter Ride Book.
Grimoire! When the holy sword and the book intersect, rewrite the world! OPEN THE GRIMOIRE! THE END OF THE STORY! KAMEN RIDER STORIOUS!
~ Kamen Rider Storious's transformation jingle.

Storious is the leader of the Megiddo and one of the two main antagonists alongside Master Logos, of Kamen Rider Saber. He is the one that is responsible for summoning the Story Megid. He serves as the central antagonist of the first quarter, a major antagonist of the second quarter, a supporting antagonist in the third quarter and the main antagonist of the final quarter, thus serving as the final antagonist of the entire series.

He seeks to create the Alter Ride Books in order to bring forth the Great Book, in order to destroy both Earth and the Wonder World. To this end, he manipulated both Legeiel and Zooous in order to further his own plans. He has an alliance with Master Logos, so he could obtain all the other Wonder Ride Books and as well as use them to recreate the Great Book, so he could use its power in order to destroy both the Earth and the Wonder World, and as well as recreate them in his own image.

After gathering the five powers of the First People and obtaining the Grimoire Alter Ride Book, Storious becomes Kamen Rider Storious.

He is portrayed by Robin Furuya.


Storious was originally one of the five followers of a mysterious woman who linked the Earth with the Wonder World, thus people could enter and exit the Wonder World. Upon setting foot in the Wonder World, Storious and his two comrades became tempted by the power of the Great Book and sought to keep it for themselves, thus betraying the original purpose of their quest to create a better life for everyone. The three tore pages from the Great Book, in which they used to become the Megid and began building up an army of monsters, thus resulting in their former ally, the first Master Logos, founding the Sword of Logos in order to fight against them and the monsters they have created.

Storious and his fellow Megid seek to use the said monsters in order to trap several people on Earth into the Wonder World, so they could be transformed into Alter Ride Books. The Megid seek to use these books in order to use the power of the Great Book to give them control over the current world, enabling them to use its power to remake the world into their own. However, Storious has his own plans, in which it involves gaining control of the Earth and the Wonder World, and to this end he plans to steal both of his companions' Alter Ride Books so he can merge them with his own. In addition, Storious also has an alliance with Isaac, the current Master Logos that betrayed the legacy of his predecessors, in order to collect the remaining Wonder Ride Books in order to recreate the Great Book, so he could succeed in his master plan.

Storious becoming Kamen Rider Storious.

After seeing to the deaths of his two comrades, Storious murdered Tassel, in order to obtain the last piece of the Great Book, in which he wanted to grab it in order to succeed in his plans. Storious then turned several people into books and fed them to the Charybdis Megid alongside a clone of Sophia that he created, before letting it devour all five books along with himself in order to merge them together in order to create the Grimoire Alter Ride Book, in which he uses its power in order to become Kamen Rider Storious. With his newfound power, Storious sought to merge both the Earth and Wonder World in order to destroy both of them, so he could see to the end of the story in his very own image.


Originally, Storious appears to have been a good-hearted individual who was friends with Tassel, formerly known as "Victor", and as well as committed to searching for a better standard of living for humanity. After setting foot on the Wonder World, Storious lost his desire to help others upon witnessing the Great Book and learning that it was the source of not just the world itself but all of human invention, and that everything humans created was a manifestation of what was in the Great Book. Unlike Legeiel or Zooous, Storious was corrupted immediately upon experiencing this revelation, where as they only turned evil after witnessing the power of the Great Book. This revelation caused Storious to become more nihilistic, twisted and selfish, and after becoming a Megid Storious began to express a much more outwardly cold and calculating personality. While still allied with Legeiel and Zooous, Storious no longer views them as friends, but as pawns for him to use and dispose of. At the same time, it is hinted that the traces of Storious' old friendship with Victor still linger, as he briefly hesitated upon killing him, though whatever it may be it is not enough to stop Storious from going forward with his plans.

While all three of them are nominally of the same rank, it is Storious that concocts the strategies that the Megid follow, though sometimes Legeiel takes the lead instead. As he possesses an agenda that runs counter to the goals of his fellow Megid, Storious is a very secretive individual and keeps his true intentions hidden from those around him. Compared to Legeiel and Zooous, Storious is much more of a long term planner, often doing things that seem insignificant but are really in service of a bigger goal. He prefers to reside in the shadows pulling the strings from afar, allowing others to take the lead for a time while he remains unsuspecting in the background, able to carry out his schemes without anyone noticing. Despite this, Storious is willing to take to the field when needed and proves a skilled combatant whenever he's facing one of the Riders. He also seems to possess much more knowledge than the other Megid do about the history of the Wonder Ride Books and the other books connected to them, including the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Bool being held in Southern Base of the Sword of Logos. Storious is also willing to form alliances with individuals outside of the Megid, such as allying with the current Master Logos.

Storious' attitude towards regular humans is not much different than his attitude towards his allies, as he views them as inferior to himself and he does not care about them at all. He views the incident that happened more than a decade ago, and all the events that transpired out of it as a story that whom he set up, in which he ultimately seeks to end the said story in his very own image. He is particularly obsessed with endings, viewing them as the sole meaning of a story or thing, and sees the "endings" of all of his so-called "friends", as beautiful on account of that. In spite of his appreciation for endings, Storious is not fond of happy endings, possibly due to his nihilistic view of the world, and thus, he desires to give the world a conclusion filled with despair and hopelessness that will be remembered throughout all of history.


The final moments of a man whom sought godhood were truly laughable, miserable and beautiful. T͏h̢e ̶st̸o͞ry wi̶ll co͞ǹti͟nue to͞ be spuǹ by ͠yo͞urs truly. Such̢ ͠that ̶we ̸meet ͠a ̶beauti̶ful ̶co͞nclusi͟on.
~ Storious after claiming the Omniforce book for himself.
A story is only beautiful, because it has an ending. A life is at its most beautiful is when it meets death!
~ Storious in his confrontation with Desast.
I see... So that's how it is... I now... know all... Now... I will... I ̶shall decide how the story ̶co͞ncludes.
~ Storious after obtaining the Grimoire Alter Ride Book.
Legeiel: Please, Storious.
Zooous: What we wanted was to create a world free from hunger and poverty! So how did we end up as monsters!?
Storious: Those hopes were twisted into a bottomless lust for power.
Legeiel: Same as you?
Storious: Unfortunately not. My hunger for that sort vanished upon learning everything 2000 years ago. I am as I have always been.
Zooous: Then what is all this?
Legeiel: Wasn't poetry what you truly loved?
Storious: What are you playing at...!? Did you really think your meddling to draw those two out would change my mind?
~ Storious talking to the souls of Legeiel and Zooous.






Kamen Rider Storious



  • Height: 214.1cm
  • Weight: 144.9kg
  • Punching power: 68.0t
  • Kicking power: 116.8t
  • Jumping power: 120.8m (one jump)
  • Running power: 0.4 seconds (100m)
  • Special Move: The Story of・ Despair
  • Omnipotent Omnipotent Special Move: The End of the World


  • Storious Head Grimoire - Kamen Rider Storious Grimoire's head.
    • Demize Ornament - Kamen Rider Storious Grimoire manipulator. With the power of the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book, you can control everything, not just Megiddo, which is classified as a story, but also gods and beasts.
    • Grimoire Visor - Storious Grimoire compound eye. By directly acting as a visor in the table of contents of the omnipotent and omnipotent book, it is possible to reflect the truth of the world and capture it as visual information. In addition, all information can be browsed at any time.
    • Narrative Tree - The source of knowledge of the Storious Grimoire. A story that is in line with the current situation is selected from a number of stories and used as the norm. In addition, the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book has been strengthened in the same way as the crimson armor "Grimoire Scale" of the whole body, and the strength has been greatly increased.
    • Phenomenon Noir - Storious Grimoire hand armor. It has the role of controlling the numerous folklore powers accumulated in the crimson armor "Grimoire Scale", and can be developed as phenomena such as the explosion of prison flames and the rupture of space.
    • Grimoire Scale -Crimson armor placed on each part of the Storious Grimoire. It is possible to accumulate the power of many traditions contained in the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book. It does not have the unique characteristics to accommodate different forces, but it is strong enough to withstand combat.
    • Phenome Granda Noir - Storious Grimoire foot armor. It has the role of controlling the numerous traditional forces accumulated in the crimson armor "Grimoire Scale", and can demonstrate the ability to stay in the air by manipulating airflow and deploy ultra-high load areas.
    • Grimoire Robe - Armor worn by the Storious Grimoire transformant. Using Megiddo's strong vitality as food, it brings equal power to omnipotence and omnipotence.
    • Ride Minant Arm - Storious Grimoire's arm. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The transformant can behave far beyond his or her physical ability with only a strong thought.
    • Doom Driver Buckle - One of the equipment used to transform into a Storious Grimoire. Bring out the power of the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book and give the transformant the power that can be said to be omnipotent and omnipotent.
    • Curtain Doyle - Storious Grimoire armor. The outside of the curtain, which wraps around the left leg and has the attribute of darkness, absorbs all attacks into the jet-black darkness, and the inside with the attribute of light constantly activates the power of the transformant.
    • Ride Minant Leg - Storious Grimoire legs. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The transformant can behave far beyond his or her physical ability with only a strong thought.
    • Obscure Cloak - Storious Grimoire cloak. An unstable substance generated between two different worlds is woven in, and its characteristics can be used to parry the enemy's attack to another world and nullify it.


Dooms Driver Buckle

  • Magnildo - Dooms Driver Buckle energy generator. By operating the two units at the same time, it extracts the enormous energy of the universe contained in the Wonder Ride Book and gives the transformant an overwhelming power that makes it possible to even create the heavens and the Earth.
  • Dooms Ride - Dooms driver buckle starter. By operating this, the page of the loaded Wonder Ride Book is expanded, and it has the role of a starter that reveals various powers.
  • Dooms Driver Shelf - A part for storing the Wonder Ride Book of the Dooms Driver Buckle. In addition to drawing power from the Wonder Ride Book and transmitting it to the Holy Sword, it also brings various abilities to the swordfighter.
  • Dooms Driver Belt - Dooms driver buckle belt. Deploy at the same time as the buckle body appears and fix it to the transformant's waist. After that, it has the role of deploying the armor of the swordfighter.
  • Body Binding - The exterior of the Dooms Driver Buckle. It has the same strength as the large sword "Caladbolg" and has the role of protecting the built-in equipment from all attacks.


  • Storious' transformation into his Kamen Rider form summons six wings around him before he transforms, a possible allusion to the Devil and the Number of the Beast. And not just that, but Storious' Megid form has a demonic appearance, and his Rider form resembles a fallen angel. His backstory of him being once a follower of a holy figure, until he betrayed his own original goal for his own selfishness, and is a manipulator whom makes alliances with people, only to inevitably betray them, once they are of no longer use. This makes Storious the closest thing to the fallen angel archetype of Satan, on the entire show.
  • Kamen Rider Storious' transformation announcement is the only one to be spoken entirely in English.


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