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So many years, so many, much, HATE!! I used to tell you that I blamed you for my uncle's death. I only said that because I hoped it might hurt. I used to tell you that it was a matter of honor. That you struck me and then data must be observed. But that's a lie. I hate you because he was going to teach YOU, all seven steps of his most secret martial form INSTEAD OF ME! I hate you because he chose you. That's all. I had him killed by a Cobra sniper. But all I've wanted for years.... IS TO KILL YOU MYSELF!!!
~ Storm Shadow to Snake-Eyes

Storm Shadow is a recurring antagonist of the G.I. Joe series. He is a ninja who is a member of COBRA and is usually portrayed as the arch-nemesis of Snake Eyes.

Comic Book History

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Thomas S. Arashikage was a member of the Arashikage ninja clan and nephew to the Hard Master. During the Vietnam War he was a soldier in the Long Range Recon Patrol where he became friends with Lonzo Wilkinson (aka Stalker) and Snake Eyes, who was an enigma even then. After the war, when he had heard Snake Eyes' family had died in a car accident Thomas invited Snake Eyes to join the Arashikage clan and start a new life. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again when the Hard Master was murdered by a Cobra agent using one of Thomas' arrows. Thomas fled Japan and joined Cobra under the codename Storm Shadow to find the killer and clear his name, becoming the organization's deadliest assassin and Cobra Commander's bodyguard.


Sunbow series

G.I. Joe: An American Hero

In the series, Storm Shadow was often being bandied about as a counterpart to G.I. Joe members Spirit and Quick Kick. Also, he remained loyal to Cobra until the end of the Sunbow series, though during the second season, he sided with Cobra Commander against Serpentor, and was seen helping the Commander in his various plots to overthrow Serpentor. 

G.I. Joe: The Movie

Storm Shadow is seen in a cameo when Serpentor yells at all the Cobra characters during the beginning of the film.

G.I. Joe (DiC)

In the series, Storm Shadow has severed his ties to COBRA due to its supposed failures and finally defected to the Joes, serving as a member of its Ninja Force.

G.I. Joe: Resolute

In the miniseries, Storm Shadow is portrayed as a more ruthless, aggressive, and unsympathetic character filled with nothing but rage and hate, having murdered his own uncle for planning to teach Snake-Eyes all seven steps of his most secret martial form instead of him. He later battle Snake-Eyes in a duel to the death that he loses. Interestingly though, his grave is later shown to be empty.

G.I. Joe: Renegades

In the series, Storm Shadow had a bitter rivalry with Snake-Eyes, which soured out when Storm Shadow accidentally poisoned the Hard Master when the poison was meant for Snake-Eyes without his knowledge, leaving Storm Shadow to believe that Snake-Eyes killed the Hard Master. As such, he was involved in framing the Joes for the explosion of Cobra Industries' Pharmaceuticals in order to help covert COBRA's actions.

In the end of the series, he learns from his cousin Jinx that Snake-Eyes tried to save the Hard Master from the poison, so he defects from COBRA and takes his leave, feeling remorseful for killing the Hard Master.

Live-action series

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