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NOTE: This article is only for the TV version of Stormfront. To see the article for the original version of her, go to Stormfront.

We are in a war for the culture. The other races are grinding us down and taking what is rightfully ours, but we can fight back, with an army of supermen millions strong.
~ Stormfront declaring her motives for gathering more superheroes.
Open your eyes. I like to see the light go out.
~ Stormfront's usual phrase when killing people.
People love what I have to say. They believe in it. They just don't like the word "Nazi". That's all.
~ Stormfront's most famous quote.

Stormfront, born Klara Risinger and formerly known as Liberty, is a major antagonist in the 2019 Amazon TV adaptation of the comic book series The Boys, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Homelander) of Season 2, and a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 3. She is the archenemy of Kimiko Miyashiro/The Female.

Stormfront joined the Seven after Translucent's death became known and soon became a rival to Homelander for the leadership of the Seven. She is adept at using social media and has a large following online. She uses her position as a member of the Seven as a platform to advocate for more superheroes being made in order to combat the threat the nation faces from "Super-terrorists". Her true intentions are much darker, which are to create an army of Supes millions strong to kickstart a war against "inferior races".

She was portrayed by Aya Cash.


Born into Nazi Germany

Klara Risinger was born in Berlin, Germany in 1919 and saw the country eventually become Nazi Germany. She became a believer in the Nazis' idea of Aryan supremacy over all other races, even becoming involved with the higher-ups of Nazi politics, having met some of the most powerful men of Germany at the time such as Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels, and Hermann Goering. She also fell in love with and married Frederick Vought, the founder of Vought International, who gave her the first successful injection of Compound V, which gave her many powers, one of which being immortality. Unfortunately, because of this, she was subject to witness everyone she'd ever loved die, including her daughter she had with Frederick. She sought to continue Vought's and by proxy the Third Reich's legacy: the continuation of the Final Solution and the "purification" of the world.

Operating as Liberty

During the 1970s and possibly earlier, Stormfront was active as a Supe under the moniker Liberty, where she committed hate crimes against black people and potentially other races, which were promptly covered up by Vought. In one instance, she brutally attacked and murdered a black man named Myron Hunter while his sister Valerie watched, and her family had no choice but to accept Vought's weak compensation of $2000. Liberty was eventually retired, likely due to the growing intolerance for racism, and was rebranded as Stormfront, who had a much more progressive image.

Member of The Seven

Stormfront was brought in to join the Seven by Stan Edgar to replace Translucent sometime after Translucent was reported to have been killed by Super-terrorist El Diablo. She crashed an ad for the military that was being filmed featuring Homelander and Queen Maeve, introducing herself to the two as the newest member of the Seven.

Following her introduction, Stormfront did a publicity tour with Queen Maeve and Starlight, the other two female members of the Seven, to promote the new, feminist image Vought was putting forth.

Stormfront later took part in a mission by Vought to take out Kenji, a Super-terrorist who had been smuggled into the United States. Along the way, they discovered that he had already been captured by the Boys and was being transported by them. After Kenji escaped and was chased after by Kimiko, Stormfront pursued both of them. As Kimiko caught up to Kenji, Stormfront appeared and slammed both of them through the wall of an apartment complex. After killing the witnesses inside the apartment room, Stormfront followed the two up onto the roof of the complex. She took down Kimiko, but Kenji intervened before she could kill her. However, Stormfront then easily took out Kenji, breaking his wrists open and killed him by snapping his neck. Soon after, Homelander arrived, irked that she had disobeyed his orders to let him deal with the Super-terrorist, but Stormfront simply told him to be faster next time before walking off. Later, Stormfront delivered a speech at a press conference addressing the Super-terrorist incident.

Stormfront later speaks at a rally, where she continues her condemnation of Vought and her fearmongering over Supe-terrorists entering the nation, and where Kimiko nearly confronts her until she's stopped by Frenchie, and Stormfront flies off with an electrifying flourish. Homelander watches the press conference on TV, his anger over her increasing popularity ever-growing, and not helped when he views several memes putting him down and Stormfront on a pedestal. He later confronts Stormfront at Vought Tower and lashes out at her for undermining his leadership and taking away his spotlight, and Stormfront mocks him for his apparent insecurity, angering Homelander enough for him to bear his red laser eyes, slightly unnerving Stormfront who apologizes for striking a nerve. She assures him that she wants to help him and his image, and sensually caresses him. Homelander rejects her offer and leaves while she tells him her door is always open to him.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Hughie Campbell, Starlight, and Mother's Milk discover Stormfront's sordid past as the xenophobic Supe Liberty while pursuing a lead on the latter, from Valerie Hunter, who's still haunted by the night of Myron's death. The trio worries since Stormfront's influence is rising in the country.

Sometime later, she is seen co-starring with her teammates at a blockbuster film set for Vought's next major superhero team-up movie. She spends the majority of her subliminally mocking her teammates such as A-Train as well as mingling around with Starlight's privacy with her mother. After Homelander fails at reconnecting with the people who once adored him and are currently protesting against him due to a viral video of him accidentally and carelessly murdering an innocent civilian, she helps him rebuild his image through the use of memes and social media, which benefited Homelander himself an extra 5 points. Afterwards, Stormfront and Homelander proceed to have rough sex at her apartment at Vought tower where she reveals to him her superhuman durability and healing factor by having him use his heat vision on her, leaving burns on her chest that slowly begin vanishing.

After their sexual encounter, Homelander and Stormfront would proceed to commit various acts of depravity and perversion such as when Stormfronts strokes and teases Homelander's penis as he smashes a robber's head against the brick wall at an alleyway before proceeding to have sex with her at the exact same spot. Later that day, at the film set, Homelander invites Stormfront to his trailer for a surprise but she tells him she has an important meeting at Vought tower and will meet him at his trailer in 20 minutes. The surprise turned out to be a bouquet of flowers with a love letter written by Homelander to Stormfront of which Homelander plans to give to her as he has fallen in love with her. He proceeds to wait for her arrival but after 20 minutes, he heads over to the Vought tower to check on her only to realize that she lied to him and isn't there. Frustrated and angry, he heads back to his trailer and destroys it completely into flames. Stormfront eventually returns to the film set and is coldly brushed off by Homelander as he feels as though she is keeping secrets from him, much like Madelyn Stillwell did before.

Later on, Homelander eventually confronts Stormfront about it at her apartment and as it appears as he is about to snap, Stormfront calms him down by showing him her past life as Fredrick Vought's wife, her devotion to neo-Nazism, her Lady Liberty costume, and her daughter who passed away of Alzheimer's a few years back. She reveals to him that she alongside Vought plan to start and end a race war between supes and humans and that Homelander himself would lead on in the battle against the inferior races, to top it all off, she tells him that she loves him dearly and that she alongside him would never have to be alone ever again which prompts Homelander to kiss her passionately, therefore, expressing his love and approval for her.

The Campaign

Homelander and Stormfront would go on to start a campaign against villainous supes where Homelander reveals publically, live on TV that Starlight, who was captured by Black Noir earlier that day is a traitor. Afterwards, Homelander notices Stormfront sadly reminiscing of the birth of her late daughter which prompts him to introduce her to his son, Ryan. He does so and has his son bond with Stormfront as a second motherly figure. Becca begs him not to separate Ryan from her to which he agrees. However, he would go on and reveal to Ryan that he lives in a fake neighborhood created by Vought to shield him and Becca, causing him to retaliate against his mother and leave with Homelander and Stormfront as Becca helplessly watches. The next day, however, Homelander, Stormfront, Maeve, and Ashley attend a court hearing to charge Vought for illegal experimentation.

Dr. Josef Vogelbaum is called out to testify against Vought but before he could, heads began exploding in the courtroom, including his own, killing him. Homelander and Stormfront confusedly watch as everyone in the courtroom attempts to flee while their heads explode as Maeve tries to rescue whomever she can.

Helping Homelander Raise Ryan

Stormfront would go on to help Homelander be a better father to Ryan as well as furthering her bond with him. Both Stormfront and Homelander would take Ryan out for lunch at Vought Planet where both Homelander and Stormfront are flooded by multiple fans, causing Ryan to freak out as he has never been exposed to that many people at once which prompts Homelander to take him to his cabin in the woods where Stormfront arrives and happily watches as Homelander bonds with his son.

The Truth and Battle With The Boys

Stormfront would soon find out that details regarding her past as a neo-Nazi has been leaked to the public, tarnishing her reputation. After Billy Butcher and Becca distract Homelander to take Ryan away, She tracks them down to an open field near the woods where she uses her powers to flip over the car of which Mother's Milk is driving with both Becca and Ryan in the passenger's seat. She angrily confronts Starlight for leaking out her information as a Nazi and a fight ensues between her, Starlight, and Kimiko. Stormfront uses her powers to her advantage and initially gets the upper hand, however, Queen Maeve immediately joins the fight against her, therefore, outnumbering her. Starlight, Kimiko, and Maeve would proceed to beat her down as Starlight repeatedly taunts her. Outnumbered, Stormfront flees the scene and heads straight for the woods where she spots Billy Butcher, Becca, and Ryan making a run for it.

As she arrives and approaches Becca, she stabs her left eye out, which causes Stormfront to lose all of her remaining sanity. She proceeds to choke Becca to the brink of death as Billy Butcher helplessly tries to beat her with his crowbar to no avail. Angered and horrified at the mere sight of Stormfront choking his mother to death, Ryan's heat vision is triggered, resulting in Becca being fatally injured and Stormfront being left badly burnt and mutilated from the blast, with both her legs gone, right arm sliced in half, her face partially burnt and hair burnt off. Due to the fatality of the blast, her brain is badly damaged, leaving her mumbling and reminiscing in German about her past life with her late husband, Fredrick Vought.

She is later taken to an undisclosed facility where she is being treated, imprisoned, and most likely kicked out of The Seven. She was also used as a scapegoat for the murders committed by possible Vought spy, Congresswoman Victoria Neuman.

One Year later and Suicide

Over the course of one year, she was still recovering from her injuries Ryan inflicted on her. Homelander would on occasion visit her and she would still sexually pleasure him and keep on insisting he forms an Aryan army to dominate the world. This talk would turn off Homelander and would leave, though it was not because he found Nazi talk disgusting, but rather it shattered his ego for her to think he needs anyone but himself. This left Stormfront disillusioned and inconsolable.

Sometime later, on Homelander's Birthday, he went to visit her again, but she did not speak to him. She just laid there heartbroken. She felt utterly alone and broken. After he left, she saw no way out of her predicament and killed herself by biting off her own tongue to put an end to her suffering and loneliness.



After Stormfront was injured, she still had fans that were called "Stormchasers." They numbered in the millions when she joined The Seven, but after her Nazi background came to light, they were reduced to White Supremacists who believed in her dogma. After her death, they mourned her and still spread her message of hate to the world.

Homelander's Madness

Her death affected Homelander, turning him into a worst monster than he was before. He forced a woman named Chelsea who was going to jump off the roof to commit suicide because he felt that if what he called "a goddess" like Stormfront was allowed to die, then what right did Chelsea had to live. He also started to speak more freely (much to the chagrin of his boss, Stan Edger), he invited The Deep back to the Seven and told Starlight it did not matter if he was loved or feared by the world and dared her to release the tape of the plane he allowed to crash because then he told her that in response, he would destroy the world.


On the outside, she's very witty and outspoken. She is obsessed with social media. However, she's dedicated to protecting society from criminals and is supportive, particularly with Homelander and Starlight. She is also highly charismatic, which comes in handy for press conferences, enticing those who follow her on social media, and rallies. Furthermore, she is as outraged as the others after finding about The Deep sexually assaulting Starlight.

Her true nature however is much darker. Due to her upbringing in Nazi Germany, she fanatically believes in white supremacy who murders anyone who is not white. She had expanded her bigoted attitude towards now to not just non-whites, but to anyone who's also not a Super as shown when she murders Rebecca. She is also very hedonistic as evident when she has sex with Homelander, even once in an alley after they murdered a thief.

However, she's shown a very maternal side when she saw a woman holding her daughter at a rally they were speaking at and lament missing her own daughter who died of Alzheimer's disease shortly before she joined The Seven. When they went to see Ryan, Homelander's son with Rebecca Butcher, she reminded him to be supportive of his son's interests no matter how trivial they seem to him. Also to further prove her natural maternal instincts, after she was nearly killed by the pure Supe child, Ryan Butcher, she deliriously dwelled on her time she spent with her daughter, Chloe.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrokinesis: Stormfront has the ability to manipulate electricity and use it in combat.
  • Flight: Like Homelander, Stormfront has the ability to levitate and fly. Whether this is related to her electrokinetic abilities in some way is unknown.
  • Superhuman Strength: Stormfront is far stronger than normal humans and most other supers, allowing her to casually break through flesh and bones with her bare hands and overpower supers like Kimiko. Also judging by their sex scene, she might be as strong as Homelander or at least strong enough to match him.
  • Superhuman Durability: Stormfront possesses greater endurance and overall resilience than normal humans, even compared to other supers, which notably allowed her to withstand Homelander's heat vision, which left her with burns on her skin that slowly began healing. That said, her durability does have limits as shown when she was stabbed in her eye with a knife by Becca Butcher or when she was nearly killed by Ryan's heat vision.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Stormfront is capable of healing from injuries at an accelerated rate, as the burns left behind when she allowed Homelander to use his heat vision on her chest that eventually healed.
  • Longevity: Stormfront was born in 1919 and has not aged a day since her late husband gave her the Compound V.


Oh, my god, hi! My nana's your biggest fan. I'm Stormfront.
~ Stormfront introducing herself to Homelander.
Look, uh, no offense. I get you have your talking points, but why does it matter whether heroes have a d**k or a vag? I mean, shouldn't we all just, you know, be competent at our jobs? I don't think girls do anything better. I think chicks and d**ks are in it together.
~ Stormfront during Vought interview.
Vought won't let me have pockets in this. You can see every crease in my ass. You can practically see up Starlight's uterus. You want to talk about girl power, let's talk about getting some pockets!
~ Stormfront.
If someone sticks a d**k in your mouth, bite it off. Pippy Longstocking would bite a D, that’s for damn sure.
~ Stormfront
Jeez, if she vibrates any faster, that stick up her butt is gonna explode.
~ Stormfront talking about Ashley.
Open your eyes. Open your eyes. I like to see the light go out. F***ing yellow bastard.
~ Stormfront to Kenji, seconds before killing him.
Look, I know that you probably won't believe this: I think that you are the best of us. I think that you are everything that we should be. You just need a little help connecting with your audience. You know, change with the times. God knows I did.
~ Stormfront offering Homelander advice while also reminiscing about her past as Liberty.
Vought wants you to feel calm and safe so that you continue to but their shitty toys and drinking their shitty energy drinks and going to see their shitty movies. But maybe we shouldn't feel so calm, or safe. One Super terrorist has already gotten through. More will come. And for all we know, these maniacs could already have flown over our borders and be standing next to you, just waiting for their chance to kill us all! So what are we gonna do? We're gonna sit around and cross our fingers that Homelander's gonna save us when he's not on Maria Menounos, or will we demand that Vought do better, that our government do better? What do you say?
~ Stormfront's effervescent speech at a rally, calling for a crackdown on Super-terrorists.
A-Train: That's a bunch of bullsh*t.
Stormfront: Didn't used to be. Church used to mean something.
A-Train: Oh, what, are you a member?
Stormfront: I was, long time ago. That place used to be pure. And then they just started letting all kinds of people in, you know?
A-Train: I don't know. So why don't you tell me?
Stormfront: Well, I think you do know. Some people are qualified, and others are... garbage. Oh, by the way, I heard they're retiring you? So unfair.
A-Train: Do you have a problem?
Stormfront: Of course not, why would you say that?
~ Stormfront to A-Train on the Church of the Collective; her xenophobic views lurking behind her speech.
Stormfront: I know you leaked it.
Starlight: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Stormfront: Not as good, magic's gone. I guess lightning really doesn't strike twice, huh?
Starlight: Okay, whatever. You know what? I really need to get to set, so--
Stormfront: That hack-a-limb Gecko-- yeah, he stole the V, and then you... you leaked it to MSNBC. Now, what do you think Vought's gonna feel when I tell them?
Starlight: Well, how do you think the world will feel when I tell 'em that you used to be Liberty?
Stormfront: Wow. You are a special kind of poison flower, huh, going against your own people?
Starlight: You mean f**king white people?
Stormfront: Starlight, we're superheroes! Don't be racist. [Starlight flickers the lights] Oh, my. Oh, yes. That is adorable! I do like you. You... you got spunk. You're gonna be a big help to me.
~ Stormfront's confrontation with Starlight.
Frederick didn't care about all the fans or stardom or any of that shallow bullsh*t. We are in a war for the culture. The other races are grinding us down and taking what is rightfully ours, but we can fight back! With an army of supermen, millions strong, because that is Vought's true destiny. And you will be the man who will lead us. You are everything that we dreamed of. So I love you with all of my heart. How could I not? Everyone I have ever loved is in the ground. And then I found you. We found each other. And now neither of us has to be alone ever again. And that... is the truth.
~ Stormfront's true plans to carry on the destiny of Frederick Vought and the Third Reich, and her proclamation of her love for Homelander.
He made me, and his genius made you.
~ Stormfront to Homelander about Frederick Vought.
It was so beautiful. How the three of us sat there, in the shade of an apple tree. Do you remember the day Frederick? Chloe reaching her arms out of the car window. We found the perfect spot by the river, in the shade of an apple tree. It was the first time Chloe ate fresh apples... (incoherent)... I was so happy. It was wonderful. I wanted it to never end.
~ Translated from her native German, Stormfront reminiscing about her life before succumbing to her wounds.





  • Aya Cash got the role of Stormfront because the writers believed it would help Homelander's character arc, ensuring his insecurity would be worsened by an intimidating woman rather than a man.
    • Cash stated in an interview that while Homelander would dislike Stormfront's arrival regardless of her gender, he still felt "that old-fashioned attitude of not wanting to be told what to do by a woman".
  • Despite being a Nazi much like her comic-book counterpart, there are still several differences between them:
    • In the comics, Stormfront is a male while in the series, Stormfront is female.
    • Stormfront was given powers as Compound V was injected into his mother's womb while in the series, Stormfront was the first successful adult test subject conducted by her late husband Frederick Vought during World War II.
    • In the comics, Stormfront served as a Nazi Officer.
    • In the series, Stormfront was heavily involved in Nazi politics alongside her husband.
    • Stormfront in the comics was publicly promoted by Vought as a reincarnation of a powerful Viking, presumably the thunder god Thor while in the series, that's not the case.
    • Stormfront was known as Lady Liberty prior while the comic book version had no other mantle other than Stormfront.
    • Despite being charming, witty, and capable of receiving and expressing love and affection to those she cares about despite being an unapologetic Nazi, Stormfront's comic book counterpart is almost the complete opposite, being devoid of love as well as always being gruff, grumpy, angry and controlling towards those around him and being more openly racist and hateful.
    • In the series, Stormfront develops a twisted romance and a sexual relationship with Homelander while in the comics, they are merely acquainted with each other.
    • On a side note, in the comics Stormfront's DNA is used in creating Homelander, therefore making him Stormfront's clone and indirect son while in the series, Homelander was born to an unnamed mother and given Compound V in utero before meeting Stormfront as an adult superhero.
  • The scene of Stormfront being kicked around by Starlight, Maeve, and Kimiko in the season 2 finale may be an homage to her comic book counterpart's death via the Boys and Love Sausage beating him to death.
    • Additionally, everyone's sex was the opposite of the comic book, with women beating down on Stormfront as well as Stormfront herself being female in the TV series.
  • In another homage, Stormfront is stabbed in the left eye by Becca shortly after her beating, similarly to her comic counterpart having his mutilated and torn out by the Female.
  • Since she was born in 1919 and the third season takes place in 2021, this makes her 102 years old at the time of her death, though physically only 26 years old since she was given compound-v in 1945.
  • After being mutilated by Ryan, fans started jokingly comparing her to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader due to the similar predicament he ends in at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
  • Eric Kripke said that due to Stormfront aging slowly, the best poetic ending is for her to be mutilated and live with it for possible centuries, making it a fate worse than death.

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