RaidRise! Storming Penguin! The winds are at his command.
~ Transformation announcement via RaidRiser.

The Storming Penguin Raider is the main antagonist in episode 23 and 24 of 2019 TV series called Kamen Rider Zero-One.

He's actually Teruo Nikaido who was given a a RaidRiser and a Storming Penguin Progrise Key by an unknown individual to transform into a penguin-themed monster.



Teruo Nikaido had a crush on Chiharu Ebii for a long time, but upon becoming jealous towards Marriage Match, he took it upon himself to become the Storming Penguin Raider when receiving his RaidRiser and Storming Penguin Progrise Key.

After his RaidRiser was destroyed and Storming Penguin Progrise Key is back on Gai Amatsu's Hand, Nikaido was seen with Ebii on the beach as Nikaido propose Ebii to marry her with the answer yes from Ebii herself and later sent their wedding invitation card to Aruto.

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

Due to the timeline changes caused by Time Jackers Finis, Teruo is seen fighting alongside the resistance fighters against HumaGears under the command of Will.


  • The Storming Penguin Raider is the first penguin-themed monster in the Kamen Rider series.


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