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My friend Storo behind you might seem like a brute. But would a brute brush his teeth until they're all minty fresh? So, best not judge a book by its cover.
~ Daroach from Kirby Mass Attack

Storo (Stron for the Japanese version) is a large, pirate-like Squeak Mouse who is the muscles of the group.


Storo is a huge, fat, blue, pirate-like mouse. He has an eye-patch which signifies his pirate-like personality. He has a huge, red, tight shirt that definitely does not fit him very well. The shirt also develops into a bandanna. He has a bulging belly button which has a small X on it. Storo is also the only Squeak who doesn't give an ability. However, it is presumed that if he indeed did give an ability, it would most likely be Hammer. As with the other Squeaks, Storo is weak against fire, electricity and ice. When he is hit, he drops (presumably) stolen food. Storo features in the sub-game Speedy Teatime. In Kirby Mass Attack, Storo appears in Daroach's airship after the player clears Green Grounds.


He wields a hammer and uses it to keep Kirby away from the tresure he's near. He has an eyepatch on his left eye to keep the pirate look going. Storo wears a red headscarf, a sleeveless shirt and an eye patch in the Squeaks. He acts as the muscle of Daroach's gang. Due his giant size and strength, it's very hard to knock him out, which is a challenge to submit this huge mouse. His attacks mainly involve smashing Kirby.



  • Storo is the only mid-boss Squeak that doesn't give a Copy Ability.
  • Both his eyes are hidden, so it is unknown how he sees very well.
  • Storo is one of the few characters in the Kirby series to have toes. Others include Daroach (and Dark Daroach), Sir Slippy, Bonkers, Gao Gao, Box Boxer, Gaw Gaw, and Acchi.
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