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You of all people know, Rick, there can be no destination without a journey.
~ Story Lord to Rick
It's not a real train, it's a story device. Literally
~ Rick to Morty

Story Lord is the main antagonist of the Rick and Morty episode "Never Ricking Morty".

He is voiced by Paul Giamatti, who also portrayed Marty Wolf in Big Fat Liar and Karl Hertz in Shoot Em Up.


He is an old man with gray hair and beard. He wears kind of a white uniform. He reveals, how fit he is, when he tears off his shirt and reveals an astonishing six-pack.


At first it appears as, if he is behind the Story Train in "Never Ricking Morty". He meets Rick and Morty in the first wagon of the Story Train. There he attacks Rick and Morty and their fight goes on for a very long time. He reveals that he wants to use their marketability and entertainment value to power the train enough for it to break the fifth wall. In order to do that he wants to force Rick and Morty to live through anthologies.

He loses after a long fight only because Rick starts to pray to Jesus Christ. This makes their marketability and entertainment value lose so much value. Story Lord tries to stop it, but then Jesus Christ himself shows up. He overpowers Story Lord so Rick and Morty can escape from the train.

In the end it is revealed that the train is toy train Morty bought, and maybe it was all something Rick and Morty played.


Story Lord is determined on his goal, he also shows great discipline.


He seems to be a metaphor for the story cycle.



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