But here you face Straga with no hope of survival or escape!
~ Staga about to face off against War again

Straga is the last and mightiest of the Destroyer's Chosen and a villain from Darksiders.


Straga was a general of the forces of Hell in the Apocalypse, the final battle between Heaven and Hell. As the Endwar began and the Demons and Angels descended on Earth, the Demon general came upon Abaddon, general of Heaven, who was defending the Seventh Seal. Straga struck him down and then faced off against one of the Four Horsemen, War, who had been feeling his powers drained. The Horseman succeeded in stabbing out one of Straga's eyes, but the emon general finally struck him down. After this, Straga and the Forces of Hell emerged the victors in the Endwar and took Earth as their own, now under the rulership of the Destroyer.


Straga preparing to have his rematch with War

Straga was then named one of the dark lord's Chosen, the strongest Demons of Hell. However War returned a century later and after defeating the other four Chosen, found his way into the tower fortress of the Destroyer, where he eventually confronted Straga, now its guardian, once more. Upon rising to challenge the Horseman, Straga stated that War was stronger than he remembered, but here the Horseman had no hope of getting out of this encounter alive.

He then declared that he was the mightiest of the Destroyer's chosen, but War said that he was also the last and that the Demon's master had chosen poorly. Straga and the Horseman began their battle, but War was able to find a weak point on the Demon general by using his Voidwalker to find a eye like weak point on his opponent's back. Finally the Horseman finished Straga by using the Voidwalker to enter his head, then slashed it apart from the inside.

Powers and Abilities

Straga's most notable trait is his enormous strength, so much so that he can throw cars and swat Hellguard away with ease. He is also extremely hard to harm, thanks to his armor, with the only place he can be hurt being his face and the weak point on his back. In his first battle with War, Straga fought by throwing cars and smashing at him with fire charged fists. In their second battle, the Demon general wielded an enormous flail, which he could swing at his foes and slide across the ground in a sweeping motion.


  • Straga's name may come from the Slavic word "Strazha", which means "The Guardians" a reference to his duty as guardian of the tower. However, in Darksiders, as seen when War talks with the Phantom General, "Straga" means "warrior" in the language of Demons.
  • He refers to himself in the third person when talking.
  • Straga was originally going to have a design resembling Cthulhu and be able to use electrical energy attacks.


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