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Stratos, also known as the Wind Titan and The Mystic Voice, is one of the fictional Titans and one of the supporting antagonists from Disney's Hercules.

He was voiced by Corey Burton.

Appearance and Abilities

Stratos is a Titan with the appearance of a creepy-looking black anthropomorphic tornado with a red mouth and red eyes. He can summon tornadoes using his body.


Stratos and his brothers ravaged the mortal realm until stopped by Zeus and imprisoned. That is until Hades, soon after turning Hercules mortal completely, freed the Titans including Stratos. Stratos and his fellow Titans then overran and conquered Olympus under Hades' orders.

During the attack, Stratos was able to suck the attacking gods like a vaccuum cleaner before he, and the rest of the Titans, gathered them and binded them with chains to ease the effort to seal them into the Underworld. Fortunately, Hercules (who regained his powers) and Pegasus came to the rescue and freed the captives, resuming another battle against the Titans. However, unlike the other Titans, Stratos attempts to hold his ground as he tries to stop Hercules, but the hero who became immortal had Stratos's wind power turn against his fellow Titans by having the Titan suck them up into his body against his will. Once the deed is done, Hercules tosses the Titans to the sky where they explode, killing them as a result.


  • Stratos earned his name from the Latin Sternō (to spread out, infinitive Sternere), more specifically from the verb's past participle, Strātus. This can be appropriate as air spreads out.
  • In traditional Greek myth, Stratos was the eldest brother of the Titan King Kronos. Additionally, a poem describes him as the loyalty possessor to his brother based entirely on utter fear, claiming if Kronos frowned so much, Stratos's winds would tear a land apart in order to amuse him and thus defuse his anger.
  • He was originally one of the Titans not to appear in Kingdom Hearts, others being Pyros and Cyclops. However, he and Pyros finally appeared in Kingdom Hearts III, where their role was the same as in the film (helping Hades overthrow Zeus).


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