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Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a minor antagonist in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Their first appearance is in Cookie Kingdom Story Mode Episode 9: Castle in the Sky.

They are voiced by Ji-Hyun Lee in Korean, Rina Hidaka in Japanese (whom also voiced Doll Master), and Valeria Rodriguez in English.


According to story mode, Strawberry Crepe Cookie talks about their past that they were born in a cryobaking pod in the vanilla kingdom but everything was empty. Nobody was there until Strawberry Crepe met Dark Enchantress Cookie. Then learn about wafflebots and make them become a very intelligent cookie.

After Strawberry Crepe learnt about wafflebots, Strawberry Crepe decided to build a lot of wafflebots around the Vanilla Kingdom with a scrap around the kingdom and some of them attacking the village where Healer Cookie and Black Raisin Cookie lived.

During the story mode event Gingerbrave and his friends meet Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Strawberry Crepe was surprised to see real cookies for the first time in the abandoned Vanilla Kingdom. So, they decided to play with them, although most of them didn't want to play with them, however after Strawberry Crepe played with Strawberry Cookie, he was interested in her artificial strawberry scent so he decided to take her to his workshop to analyze her components, Gingerbrave and his friends try to stop them but failed. However, Strawberry Crepe released her afterward because he didn't find any secret ingredients in her.

Strawberry Crepe was annoyed by Gingerbrave and his friends that they keep destroying their Wafflebots and Strawberry Crepe tell that they want the Vanilla Kingdom to be ruled by Dark Enchantress Cookie, much to Gingerbrave and friends anger. They started fighting and Gingerbrave and his friends won against Strawberry Crepe and then, Strawberry Crepe retreated afterward in defeat.



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