Straxus is a Decepticon warlord and a major antagonist in Marvel's The Transformers comic book series. He rules the Polyhex settlement on Cybertron from his throne in the fortress Darkmount.


Straxus seized control of the Decepticons following Trannis' assassination by the Wreckers. He oversaw an incredibly brutal reign, having his forces hunt down and any Autobots and neutrals so they could be melted down into spare metal.

After receiving a transmission from Earth, Straxus had his forces capture the scientist Spanner so he could force him to construct a space bridge. Scrounge, a spy for the Autobots, learned of this plot, but was captured by Straxus' executive officer Shrapnel. Shrapnel brought Scrounge before Straxus, who destroyed his arm with a recording-device and sent him to be melted down in the smelting pools.

Eventually, the Autobot Blaster came searching for Scrounge but was also captured and sent to be smelted. He encountered a dying Scrounge, who informed him of Straxus' plans before passing away. Blaster was later rescued by the Autobots.

The space bridge was eventually completed, though it malfunctioned in its early tests. Meanwhile, a team of Autobots planted explosives in Darkmount and destroyed the building. While Straxus went off to pursue the Autobots, Blaster attempted to destroy the unattended space bridge. Straxus later confronted Blaster, and the two battled. Straxus initially overpowered the Autobot, but Blaster tricked Straxus into severing the fuel line to the space bridge before kicking him through it, destroying the tyrant.


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