The Straycatchers are one of the antagonists of the 1992 Tom and Jerry film, Tom and Jerry: The Movie. They are Dr. Applecheek's henchmen.

The first straycatcher was voiced by Michael Bell and the second straycatcher was voiced Sydney Lassick.

Role in the film

The Straycatchers were first seen when they were capturing Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea in the alley and then they leave in their truck. They were seen again when they put Tom and Jerry one of the cages who have been bought by Pristine Figg. Later on, Tom, Jerry, Puggsy, Frankie DaFlea and the dogs escape knocking them out along with Dr. Applecheeks. They arrived at Aunt Figg's house waiting in the truck. Dr. Applecheek blames the incident on Aunt Figg who denies it, but is willing to take the blame when he receives a call from Captain Kiddie. On the way to Captain Kiddie's carnival, Dr. Applecheeks must get Robyn before Figg and the million Dollar reward bounty on Robyn will be his and he refuses to share to the Straycatchers if they did not get rid of Tom and Jerry. The straycatchers throw Dr. Applecheeks out and drive off as they laugh maniacally and abandon Dr. Applecheek, who yells at them to come back, and then he almost got ran over by Lickboot. They arrived at the carnival and they saw Robyn in Kiddie's ferris wheel. The straycatchers end up trapped in the ferris wheel. When Dr. Applecheeks arrives as he uses an ice cream motorbike, the straycatchers called him to help them get down from the ferris wheel, but he refused to save them and he continued trying to chase Robyn, Tom and Jerry with Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand and Kiddie. It is unknown what happened to the Straycatchers after that.


  • Michael Bell, the voice actor of one of the straycatchers in Tom and Jerry The Movie, also voices Ferdinand the Dog, who appears in the same movie