Atlas, too, carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.
~ Stricklander while at Jim and Barbara's house.
Watch your back, Young Atlas, or the consequences could be more severe.
~ Stricklander to Jim after he and Toby get arrested after their museum break-in.
Take care of yourself, Young Atlas.
~ Stricklander to Jim at Arcadia Oaks-High.

Stricklander, also more commonly known as Walter Strickler, is a supporting antagonist-turned-protagonist in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, being a major antagonist-turned-protagonist in Trollhunters and a cameo character in 3Below. He was a changeling troll who was created by Morgana, having swapped places with a human named Waltolemew Strickler to disguise himself as a human and fit in to our society, but eventually changed his ways and started raising the familiars with Barbara Lake.

He is voiced by Jonathan Hyde, who also played Van Pelt in Jumanji.


Stricklander was very scheming, manipulative and power-hungry. As Jim's history teacher, he was able to keep him from knowing he was not a human at all, but a changeling troll. He also conspired with Bular to capture Jim so he can use his amulet to free the made-of-evil troll named Gunmar. However, after Bular's death, he conspired again with Angor Rot so he can rule the world with the other changelings. It is unknown why he wanted hegemony.

However, Stricklander eventually found his redemption after Jim and Blinky defended him from the mob of trolls in Trollmarket, and gave Jim Gunmar's Eye (the last Triumbric Stone) so the latter can defeat Gunmar himself. However, he is not immediately redeemed, but this eventually happened as the show progressed.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Stricklander is able to disguise himself as a human since he swapped places with a baby named Waltolomew Strickler, who is currently in the Darklands.
  • Flight: Stricklander has the ability to fly, which is shown in Part 3.
  • Knife-wielding: Stricklander is perfectly able to wield and throw knives.


  • Although his real name is "Stricklander", the main characters call him "Strickler" because it is more easy to pronounce.


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