Keekekeh...haven't seen you in a while, Hiryu...but hey, no hard feelings...the Headquarter's orders are absolute, you must die...Kehkehkeh... Relax, my little friends will take care of Cain...
~ Kubira as he confronts Hiryu

Kubira is a minor antagonist from the Strider series, appearing as an enemy in chapter 4 of the manga. He's a Strider agent and subordinate of Vice-Director Matic.


Kubira is a member of the Striders and an A Rank agent who joined Matic in his rebellion against Director Kuramoto. He sport an unique, reptilian-esque appearance with scale-like skin and sharp teeth, product of body modifications in order to make him a more efficient murderer. Kubira was a training partner of Hiryu and witnessed Hiryu's incredible strength and skills, making him very wary of a direct confrontation with him.

Kubira is assigned the mission to protect the Amazon Research Institute alongside Strider Araña. He arrives late to the location, swimming all the way from Africa, and is witness of the laboratory's explosion as Hiryu and Cain infiltrated the area beforehand. Following Araña's defeat, Kubira prepares to ambush the two Striders as they attempt to cross the Amazon river. Kubira first snatches Cain underwater and injures him, letting the blood attract nearby crocodiles to kill him. He then attacks Hiryu while in the middle of the river, knowing this would prevent Hiryu from using the plasma sword Cypher since its electric output would kill him in the process.

Kubira successfully brings Hiryu underwater where he's got the advantage, but Hiryu breaks free of his hold and quickly disappears. As Kubira comes out of the water Hiryu jumps on him and stabs him in the chest, activating his Cypher. Kubira believes this will kill Hiryu as well, but Hiryu uses some of the wires he took from Araña earlier to reach a nearby tree, saving himself from the electric shock and letting Kubira die alone.


Kubira is a tall and imposing man with a muscular build. He's depicted as having scaly skin, small slit curved eyes, sharp teeth and black hair styled in a mohawk.

His outfit consists of a loincloth and several necklaces.


Kubira is a cold and efficient murderer. Although arrogant to a degree, he's not blind to his disadvantages and thus plans the best strategy to eliminate his targets. He knew from the start he was no match to Hiryu in a direct fight and prepared a plan to cancel Hiryu's greatest strength, his Cypher, and fight him while underwater where he had the advantage.

Powers and Abilities

Kubira has greatly enhanced strength and stamina, and is at his best when fighting underwater. He can stay underwater for long periods of time and use this ability to ambush his targets. He's also an adept swimmer and is able to swim large distances without visible tiring, as he swum all the way from Africa to the Amazon before engaging Hiryu in battle.

Kubira fights with a hunting knife, using it to attack while under the cover of water, taking advantage of his underwater skills. He's also known to use his surroundings to his favor, such as injuring Cain and letting the blood on the water attract nearby crocodiles to kill him.


  • Crocodiles appear as a minor enemy in the NES video game Strider, in the same area where Araña appears as well. These come from underwater and damage Hiryu through direct contact. Given the proximity to Araña, it is possible the crocodiles are either a reference to the crocodiles Kubira sent to kill Cain or the enemy is meant to be Kubira himself.


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