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Blitzo, c'mon. You know the two of us are superior than most of our kind. And you were so above sucking on a disgusting rich pompous Goetia only to sneak top site for scraps and work for bitter Sinners who could care less who you are, when you could be slaying Overlords. Why struggle to run a business that is rigged against you when you can partner up with me and kill the unkillable? Starting with the one that treats you like a plaything. We can be the most dangerous beings in Hell, Blitzo.
~ Striker attempting to convince Blitzo to join him.

Striker is (possibly) the secondary antagonist of the webseries Helluva Boss, a spin-off to Hazbin Hotel that shares the same universe.

He serves as the main antagonist of the fifth episode "The Harvest Moon Festival", where he tried to both assassinate Stolas under Stella's orders and convince Blitzo to join him.

He is voiced by Norman Reedus.


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Like other Imps, Striker has red-tinted skin, yellow eyes, two horns on his head and a long tail. Compared to others however he is a lot more pale, his eyes are slitted like those of a snake and his tail is adorned with spikes. He wears a white cowboy outfit complete with a brimmed hat, a short red scarf, a vest and torn pants.

Abilities and Powers

Striker is shown to approach fighting with extreme gusto when his opponent is evenly matched with him, like Bltzo, but when they aren't, he positively revels in taking them down slowly.


In the end of the episode, he is revealed to be an assassin hired by Stella to kill Stolas for cheating on her with Blitzo.


  • Striker's possession of blessed weaponry makes him one of the most dangerous villains in Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel, along with Valentino.
  • It is possible that he might replace Stella as main antagonist, as his speech to Blitzo showed ambition in killing Overlords and becoming the most dangerous being in Hell.
  • Like Sir Pentious of Hazbin Hotel, Striker can be heard making noises like a snake, such as rattling his tail like a rattlesnake and the occasional hiss when he talks.
  • Striker is an eviler counterpart to Blitzo.
    • Both are unusually tall imps who work as assassins
    • both demonstrate feats of great physical prowess
    • both are very good with guns
    • both are significantly more dangerous than they seem at first glance (abeit for different reasons)
    • both work for Goetian royalty.
      • Striker himself notes the similarities between them, and cites them as part of his We Can Rule Together pitch towards Blitzo. but while Blitzo cares for his friends and family, Striker doesn't.
  • According to Striker, not many Imps start businesses on their own.
  • Striker’s horse is named Bombproof.
  • He's also the first villain to end an episode while still in a position to continue their plan.


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