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Strobaya is a minor villain from the Strider series, appearing as the very first boss in the original Arcade game.


Strobaya is a loyal soldier from the Kazakh Federation under General Mikiel's rule. A cyborg man or "enhanced human", Strobaya's physique has been enhanced through cybernetic implants and the administration of special drugs. A dutiful if not too bright soldier, Strobaya follows the orders of the Kazakh Federation and defends the capital city of St. Petersburg from any intruder. He's particularly interested in testing himself against the fabled Striders.

Strobaya awaits for his opponents in a special chamber next to the council's Grand Mosque, connected to a support machine which administers his body with enhancement drugs and other substances to have him ready for battle. As soon as Hiryu arrives at his place, the ceiling above them closes and Strobaya makes his move, destroying the machine behind him by the mere act of flexing his muscles. Strobaya assaults Hiryu with his fast dashes and rolling attacks, but he's no match for the young strider. In the end his body can't resist the damage and breaks apart, with Strobaya's death sending the ceiling down in flames as a last obstacle for Hiryu to avoid.


Strobaya is a very muscular Russian blonde man with hair styled in a crew cut. He wears a red sleeveless shirt with red pants, a golden belt and brown boots. Before fighting Hiryu he shreds his sleeveless shirt in the act of flexing his muscles, and thus fights Hiryu bare-chested.

Strobaya's design and backstory are inspired by the boxer Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, right down to the two characters using drugs to increase their physical strength.


Strobaya is described as a simple-minded soldier, a man of very few words who has a preference for screaming loud war cries during battle. While a powerful grapple fighter, his lack of variety and the repetitive nature of his strategies makes him an easy enemy to predict and counter.

He has no dialogues outside of his yells in the original game, but his pre-boss dialogue in the PC Engine port suggests he enjoys good battles and challenges, telling HIryu that he's been awaiting in anticipation for him to show up.

Powers and Abilities

Strobaya's main weapon is his body, which has been greatly enhanced through his cybernetic implants and the use of special enhancement drugs. Strobaya's fighting style revolves around pursuing his targets in an attempt to grab and throw them against the walls of his room with immense force. He can perform these throws with either his arms or legs, either by doing a hanging throw over his head or a scissors kick throw.

He uses the great strength of his legs to propel himself off the ceiling or walls to dive at his enemies, or use a rolling assault to approach them. His arm muscles are also strong enough to block and parry the strikes of Hiryu's Cypher sword, albeit briefly.


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