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Strong Bad is the main antagonist of most of the Old-Timey cartoons on Homestar Runner. As his name indicates, he is the Old-Timey version of the main Strong Bad.


He looks very much like the original Strong Bad, except he dons hair and a mustache, making him look more like a generis old-school villain. due to the toons he is featured in being black and white, Strong Bad has no color to him whatsoever.


Parsnips A-Plenty

In the first voiced cartoon of Old-Timey Homestar, Strong Bad overhears the Homestar Runner discussing having parsnip soup with Marzipan and Fat Dudley. In response, Strong Bad goes to steal all of the parsnips to make parsnip pie and make sure that the Homestar Runner gets nothing. When the Homestar Runner notices him, Strong Bad challenges him to a duel. However, as he walks ten paces, he ends up walking off a cliff, making the Homestar Runner the winner to enjoy parsnip soup with his crew while Strong Bad falls down into hell.

That A Ghost

Strong Bad reads about reward of 27 cents for the capture of a ghost and sets off with The Sneak and Strong Man to capture it before the Homestar Runner does.

In an attempt to capture the ghost, Strong Bad makes a new invention that for some reason looks like the Strong Man. At first, it seems as if Strong Bad successfully captures the ghost before the Homestar Runner. However, after the heroes see what he caught, they inform him that what he caught was not a ghost, but their worst friend, Sickly Sam.

Just then the real ghost appears and scares the flesh off of everybody. While the Homestar Runner and friends are perfectly fine with the outcome as they won't starve anymore, Strong Bad is upset as he will never be able to wear gold pants in this condition.

Minor Appearances

Strong Bad makes an appearance in the email "alternate universe" performing parlor tricks to an audience with his next trick being to not make anything appear, only for main universe Strong Bad to appear right in front of him, ruining his show. The two of them are then pelted with grey tomatoes.


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