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Strong Badman is a minor villain within Homestar Runner invented by Strong Bad in the Strong Bad Email "superhero name". He also has an unseen minion named Stiny.


Strong Badman heavily resembles Strong Bad with key difference being that he is a lot more muscular and more human looking.


After a person named Stiny criticizes Strong Bad's name for not sounding like a superhero name, Strong Bad mocks Stiny by saying how his name sound like that of a supervillains low level mook and offers to change his name to Strong Badman.

Afterward, Cheap as Free started producing comics of a supervillain by the name of Strong Badman. Based on Strong Bad's conceptualization of the character, Strong Badman often set up plans to take over the world.

However, in "Alternate Universe", it is revealed that Strong Badman isn't nearly as capable of a villain as Strong Bad would like as it is revealed that Strong Badman lives in an apartment instead of a secret underground lair, and his evil plans involve wasting water with no intent on paying the bill and stealing his neighbor's cable.

The covers of some of his comics also indicates that he fights other villains as often as he fights heroes.


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