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Now all has met their grizzly fate, such horrors for you to see. Per chance next time they all think twice before not inviting me.
~ Strong Sad after sending the inviters to their doom.

Strong Sad is the antagonist and main character of the 2009 Homestar Runner Halloween Special Doomy Tales of the Macabre. He is based on his canonical counterpart of the same name.

He was voiced by Matt Chapman, who also voices several other characters on the website, including Strong Bad.


Strong Sad felt so miserable from people not inviting him to their several Halloween parties, which made him write a book and send the eleven inviters to their doom.

The King of Town

Strong Sad began with the King of Town as the most expendable, where he is slowly drowning from a cauldron of mutton stew. The King of Town thought that Strong Sad's story is known as the "Tales of the McArby".


Strong Sad wrote down the revolting relationship between Homestar and Marzipan, where she wished for a better boyfriend. Homestar got transformed into Coach Z, which made Marzipan even more disgusted.

Coach Z

Strong Sad decided not to write a story about Coach Z's doom because Coach Z has had an equally terrible life.


Strong Sad wrote that Bubs is a scientist dealing with sales and "fiendish tests". He changed his store into the same store, but it is based on Bubs' head. The store ate Bubs' head.

Pom Pom & The Poopsmith

Strong Sad came up with an idea to have the Poopsmith named as the Popsmith so he can blow up Pom Pom. Pom Pom's deadly gas later killed the Popsmith.


Strong Sad thought that Homsar would have been killed by the Heavy Lorde. This gave the author an idea to summon a Heavy Gourd falling into Homsar's death.

Homestar Runner

Strong Sad came up with three ideas to scare Homestar. At first, he wrote that Homestar would have no knees. Since Homestar wasn't afraid by that and the fact that he now has several knees, he said that the "Doomy Tales of Macramé" aren't scary. Strong Sad wrote that Homestar would be transformed into a talking Macrame Owl for Marzipan to keep.

Strong Mad & The Cheat

Strong Mad and the Cheat have a garbage container for collecting Halloween treats. By midnight, Strong Mad ate up the Cheat.

Strong Bad

Strong Sad decided to save the most macabre story for last as he writes down that Strong Bad has a pair of human hands to type instead of boxing gloves, making Strong Bad frightened.


Strong Sad speaks in rhyme and gets frustrated when the doom he sends doesn't work. He refers to his victims as people that never accept his invitation, which motivates him to ruining their lives.


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