An elite warrior never surrenders his weapons.
~ Stronius to Gresh.

Stronius is one of the antagonists in the Bionicle series. He serves as a major antagonist in the 2009 storyline and a supporting antagonist in the 2010 storyline. He is a special forces Skrall who served Tuma, the leader of the Rock Tribe and the commander of the Skrall.


Stronius was an armored Glatorian who was fitted with the black armors with six spikes on each two shoulder plates. He also had crimson arms and legs. He wore a helmet with five spikes decorated on his head and two red eyes. He also had black wrists, shins and feet.


Early life

Stronius participated in the Core War of Spherus Magna, fighting for the Elemental Lord of Rock. After the war, Stronius ended up on Bara Magna with the rest of the Skrall.

Bara Magna

After a time, the Skrall were attacked by a race of shapeshifting warriors named Baterra. Unable to hold their own against the Baterra, the Skrall retreated south and established a fortress in the city of Roxtus. From there, the Skrall planned to conquer all of Bara Magna.

A year later, Tuma found out that the Baterra were coming toward Roxtus. He and Stronius went north to seek out the female Skrall to get help fighting them. When they found them, the female Skrall's leader asked Stronius to lay down his weapon. When he did not, Stronius was hit by a devastating mental blast. Eventually, Tuma succeeded in forming a deal with the Sisters of the Skrall. The Sisters wanted to find a Great Being named Angonce who had once taught a Sister how to manipulate her powers of hypnosis and mind control. Tuma claimed he knew how to find Angonce, but would only tell the Sisters if they helped them defeat the Baterra. When the Sisters refused, Tuma and Stronius left. On the way back to Roxtus, Tuma and Stronius were attacked by two Baterra. They were saved by Metus, who shared with them the secret to defeating a Baterra. After Tuma gave Metus the title of Elite Warrior, he secretly told Stronius to kill Metus before he could take over. However, later on, when Tuma was defeated at the hands of Mata Nui and Metus took over, Stronius did not kill him for unknown reasons.

When Makuta Teridax arrived on Bara Magna, Stronius saw it as a chance to avenge his tribe's defeat and humliation. He led the remaining Skrall in the final battle with the Toa, Glatorian, Matoran, and Agori, hoping to get revenge on Mata Nui by killing his friends. When Mata Nui and his forces won the battle, Stronius evaded capture by the Toa and Glatorian.


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