You're not gonna tell my dad, are you?
~ Stu Rubin to Christine Brown.

Stu Rubin is a minor antagonist in the horror film Drag Me to Hell.

He was portrayed by Reggie Lee.

Stu Rubin is a recently hired new employee at the WPB (WilshirePacific Bank) in Los Angeles, California where young long-time loan officer Christine Brown. Stu and Christine have a long rivalry at work, and Stu is always trying to report Christine to their boss Jim Jacks about some fictional issue. Stu loves making up stories about how Christine is never working as hard or is being selfish and he generally likes making her life miserable.

There is a competition between Stu and Christine because Stu wants the assistant manager job, and so does Christine. Stu torments Christine even when she is unwell like during one notable scene where Christine and Stu get to work early, and Stu says he will do the report himself if Christine is too lazy to get it done. Stu bullies Christine into making the report with him and he keeps pressurizing her even when its obvious she has trouble thinking because she was unwell. She hallucinates Stu for Sylvia Ganush and screams at him to "get your filthy pea-knuckle off my desk!".

Because of Christine's increasing incapability at work such as spewing blood all over Jim when she has a nose bleed at work, Stu menacingly picks up Christine's file and stole the McPherson loan, thereby he manipulates her work, cheating, and he ends up getting Christine's job while attempting to broker his own deal at the First National bank. The next day Jim says he will give the manager job to Stu, and Stu looks pleased about it. However, Christine calls Stu on the third night of her curse to come over at a restaurant where she waits, otherwise she will tell Jim that Stu vandalized the file and get him fired. Stu breaks down sobbing and looks pathetic. He begs Christine not to tell anyone about his cheating and then she can never bring herself to give him the cursed envelope.

The next day at work, Jim Jacks calls Christine Brown, saying that Stu Rubin came to Jim in the early morning, having found evidence of his cheating, even though Stu Rubin tried unsuccessfully to pin the whole thing on Christine with few inconsistencies in his story, and then he fires him just as Stu breaks down crying. Jim happily says "we won't be seeing him around anymore." when Stu runs out the door.


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