Kevin, Stuart and Bob are the three of tritagonists of Despicable Me and it's sequels and the three main protagonists of it's 2015 prequel Minions. They are three minions who were on the search for a master to serve/help and support, without one they got nothing to do and get bored easily, so they decided to go to locations to find one and then came across Orlando where a con called "Villain Con" where they found a master to serve at last.

They were voiced by the same actor and director named Pierre Coffin.


Just like the rest of the Minions, they are cute, little, yellow men with one or two eyes. Kevin is big minion with two eyes, Stuart is medium sized minion with one eye and Bob is a small minion, with two eyes as well.



Throughout decades, the minions were born from the ocean to find a master to serve, from T-Rex to Blue Coats, they failed through out the years, but until one minion Kevin decides that he can do it with three other Minions to help him, so he chose Stuart first, but another minion Bob wants to come along with them, so Kevin chooses Bob as a third minion to go with him, they make their way to New York, they at first get lost till they find their way in a shopping mall, where they get stuck in a store and watches television for the night until they find out that there is a Con in Orlando called Villain Con where a lot of villains are going to, so this was their opportunity to find one, so they get a ride from a family who were going to Villain Con. They helpt them to escape from cops by shooting a rocket at them while making their way there.

New Master

They got to Orlando and Villain Con. The family wished them good luck if they ever find a master. They met a female super villain called Scarlet Overkill and they thought that she is perfect as their master, so after they tried and tested their skills at Scarlet, she chose them as her new henchman. She even took them to her home where she introduced them to her husband Herb Overkill, who is a inventor who can give them equipment to help Scarlet get Queen Elizabeth's crown for her to be Queen of England. 

Stealing the Crown

Next morning they went to place where the crown was guarded, in disguise. They passed the guards by Stuart's brainwash power but the crown was guarded by the keeper of the crown, none of their powers worked against him. They knocked him out and tried to get the crown, but failed. They then tried to get it from the Queen Elizabeth herself and start getting into a chase to steal the crown from her. Then they failed to get it until Bob used his powers the put the sword out of stone (based of a book) that makes him king.

King Bob

Bob was declared King of England by Queen Elizabeth. They stayed in the palace and caused trouble until Scarlet found out that Bob stole the crown from her. She invaded the palace with Herb along. She was angry for their betrayal, but Bob actually didn't want to be king anymore, since their job was to steal the crown for Scarlet. Bob made a rule that Scarlet should be queen by making it a rule to england.

Trapped in the Dungeon

The minions let Scarlet be queen and followed her to a dungeon for their betrayal. They ended up in the dungeon for their betrayal to Scarlet with Herb (nickname Blerb) to torture them, but they start messing around as well as Herb, until Herb told them that he wasn't Blerb, and that he was lying to them.

Queen Scarlet

The minions tried and escaped in the sewer and stopped Scarlet from being queen. They escape from the sewer and founded her. They tried to sneak in to get the crown without making a noise or being seen, but they got detracted by a bee and accidentally crushing Scarlet with a big object even though they were trying to get it without killing her, Scarlet turned out to be alive and transformed into her rocket dress, saw them, thought that they wanted to kill her, and sent a angry mob to kill them.

Final Battle

Kevin escaped from them leaving Bob and Stuart being captured by Scarlet and Herb. He got in one of Herb's machine and turned into a Godzilla-like monster. He went and found them crushing a few buildings and found them tied up to dynamite. He saved them from Scarlet and stopped the dynamite from exploding, just in time for the other minions to arrive to help them, but Scarlet stopped them, surrounding them by lava. She tried to finish Kevin by shooting a rocket at him, but Kevin swallowed it. He then sacrificed himself to save Stuart, Bob and the rest of the minions, by grabbing Scarlet's jet pack by super strength, and exploded in mid-air turning out they survived and Kevin turned back to his normal size.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob got their awards from Queen Elizabeth. Bob got a little crown. Stuart got an electric guitar, but then went crazy and broke it, but got a snow globe instead. Kevin got being a brave knight for saving England and his friends, but he noticed that minions didn't find a proper master yet until then he spotted Scarlet and Herb stealing the actual crown from Elizabeth, Kevin tried to stop them, but then Scarlet and Herb got frozen surprisingly by young Gru's freeze Ray, Kevin notices that Gru has stopped them both from escaping, which shows that have finally found a master to serve, before Kevin and the rest of the minions go Bob put his tiny crown in Scarlet's hand and leaves her and Herb stuck in the ice berg, then Kevin, Stuart, Bob and the rest of the minions follow Gru, from that point the story continues in Despicable Me. In Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, they served Gru, and in Despicable Me 3, when Gru stopped being a supervillain, they served his twin brother Dru.

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