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Stubford Hucksterball

Stubford Hucksterball is a wealthy, spoiled kid and rival of the Wild Grinders.

He was voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.

Character Information

He is the son of Track Hucksterball, the wealthy business owner of Hucksterball Industries and was never taken care of by him because his father is very busy as a business and all he does is take his son to his office. Since he didn't have much outside experience with other kids, he became jealous about the Wild Grinders always having fun with their skateboards and always think of a way to devastate them. He also tries to prove himself superior to them by skateboarding, but he always stinks at it.

Physical Appearance

The boy is short with long orange hair, fat with his belly button showing, and wears a red shirt, brown shorts, and grey sneakers.


Since he envies the Wild Grinders for having fun, he always tries to come up with a way to humiliate them or try to break them up. Stubford is shown to be incompetent as he always ends up humiliating himself whenever his plans fail in the end.

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