I came from the planet Shuor. Sturcus is my designation.
~ Sturcus introducing himself to Professor Horiguchi.

Sturcus is a one-shot antagonist in Chouseishin Gransazer, appearing in episode 25. He is an agent of the Warp Monarch whose goal is to get Professor Horiguchi to leave the Gransazers.


Sturcus entered the body of Professor Hijikata, intending to use her to convince Horiguchi to leave the Gransazers. When this failed to work, Sturcus summoned a squad of Gig Fighters and revealed himself to the Professor.

Sturcus attempted to possess the Professor to destroy the team from the inside-out. However, the Gransazers showed up to rescue the Professor and hit Sturcus with a Formation Zero attack. Sturcus retreated soon afterwards, telling the Gransazers not to think they'd won before teleporting away.

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