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You know nothing of my world. We are too different Kung Lao. I was raised to kill.
~ Sub-Zero to the Great Kung Lao.

Sub-Zero is a supporting antagonist and anti-hero in the 1998-99 TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest, serving as the central antagonist of the episode "Cold Reality" and an anti-hero in the episode "The Serpent and the Ice".

He was portrayed by J.J. Perry.


Sub-Zero is the long ancestor of both Bi-Han and his younger brother Kuai Liang and the arch-nemesis of Takeda. He was forcibly taken at a young age by the Lin Kuei from his family, and was raised and trained by them to become an assassin. He soon became their most promising and skilled fighter, being able to manipulate the ice.

His grand-master was hired by Shang Tsung to eliminate Kung Lao and steal a magic crystal that had the ability to transport it's keeper to other dimensions. The grand-master sent one of his best assassins but he failed, thus making Shang Tsung angry and forcing him to appear before the grand-master and almost kill him. The master then assured Shang that his best warrior, Sub-Zero will succeed, but told him to have patience because he is still a "new-born" and hadn't still perfected his powers. Three more Lin Kuei assassins attacked Kung Lao and his friends, but were also defeated and retreated back to the Lin Kuei temple, where their master had Sub-Zero freeze them to death for his failure before going himself to steal the crystal. Siro, who had hunted down the three assassins and watched Sub-Zero's power came back, warned Kung Lao, but it was too late as Sub-Zero appeared and attacked them with ice. Siro tried to fight back but was easily bested, but, he managed to figure out Sub-Zero's weakness, as he was getting weakened by throwing ice. Then, Kung Lao joined and managed to knock Sub-Zero down. Just as Sub-Zero was about to attack, Raiden appeared and he had no choice but to retreat and leave the crystal behind as was he was to weak to face the God of Thunder. His master didn't punish him as Raiden's intervention was not expected.

Some time later, Shao Kahn called the Lin Kuei and Scorpion to have them join forces against Kung Lao, as they proved to be no match for him individually. Sub-Zero showed a small bit of his skills, with Shao Kahn commenting that even though he is skilled, he acts without being ordered. Soon, Sub-Zero and Scorpion started to fight over the leadership of the alliance and became enemies. Scorpion sent his assassins to attack Sub-Zero's family, but they were rescued by Kung Lao. Scorpion's captain, Peron, then killed Sub-Zero's little sister (whom he never had met) before Sub-Zero killed her, avenging her before bringing her body to his parents. Thus, Scorpion became his mortal enemy. Sub-Zero then returned to the Lin Kuei temple, where his superiors reprimanded him for ruining the alliance with Scorpion and told him that the Lin Kuei are his only family. When Sub-Zero refused to obey their will, one of the Grand-Masters tried to kill him, but Sub-Zero attacked first, freezing him to death and becoming a mortal enemy for the Lin Kuei as well. Sub-Zero was then asked by Kung Lao to to stay with him and fight for Earthrealm, but Sub-Zero refused, telling him that they are different as he was raised to kill. He then froze Kung Lao and locked Siro and Taja so that they don't interfere with his fight with Scorpion, and went to face him in the streets of Zhu Zin. The two warriors were evenly matched, but their fight was stopped by Kung Lao, Siro, Taja, and some Lin Kuei assassins, forcing Scorpion to teleport away. Raiden later commented that Sub-Zero was now more dangerous than ever as no one was controlling him. The Lin Kuei then decided to sent another deadly warrior named Smoke after Sub-Zero to avenge the fallen grand-master. Sub-Zero wasn't shown or mentioned again after this.


Sub-Zero is a cold blooded assassin, but also has honor, as shown when Kung Lao helped his family, and een though Kung Lao was wanted dead by his superiors, he decided to let him live. He also didn't act against Scorpion before his sister was killed. He had memories of his family and still loved them, but accepted that he couldn't turn back as he was made a killer by the Lin Kuei, the same reason for why he refused Kung Lao's offer to join him. At the same time, he isn't a good person either making him a neutral character.

Powers and Abilities

Sub-Zero is a very strong foe, able to easily best Siro, but was unable to beat Kung Lao, Siro, and Taja together. He was later shown to be even stronger and have full mastery of ice manipulation. He was evenly matched with Scorpion in his last duel.



  • Takeda (Scorpion)
  • Lin Kuei (formerly)
  • Peron
  • Great Kung Lao (formerly)
  • Siro (formerly)
  • Taja (formerly)
  • Raiden



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